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A wardrobe can give aesthetic beauty to the bedroom. It all depends on how it is built. The wardrobe is the most inconspicuous piece of furniture in a home, yet packs the most punch. They are discrete, frequently ignored and built for the sole reason of storage. Wardrobes are an integral part of the bedroom they can make or break the look of the bedroom. Over the years, wardrobes have undergone a magical transformation. They’ve become enticing, stylish and trendy. However, as much as their purpose has remained the same, a Master bedroom wardrobe has changed its look and feel. Unlike huge and heavy wooden almirahs that didn’t deviate from their standard designs, today’s wardrobes are built with glass, chrome, and metal, in colors as varied as red, and different styles. 

To make things easy for you, we have listed eleven extravagant Veneto wardrobe designs for you to take inspiration from:



RedSliding wardrobe

Cronos is a sliding wardrobe that provides possibilities for practical arrangements. These wardrobes utilise every square inch in your bedroom. Cronos’ design of the wardrobe has two-way soft-close doors. These can be built in 4mm glass and a 10mm decorative panel in two-door or three-door. Available in the elegant matt black and bronze finish. 



Ares sliding wardrobe has a super-smart finish that complements its functionality and modernity. This wardrobe can be built in a door frame profile of 5mm glass with a door weight capacity of a maximum of 80kgs. The two-way soft-close doors are made in Turkey. The richly designed Ares wardrobe is available in matt black and mocha finish. 



The two-door sliding Juno wardrobe is the one with two sliding doors on both sides. It has many shelves and drawers for putting hangers, clothes, and other accessories such as wallets and belts. It looks very stylish from the outside and similarly from the inside it has everything placed aesthetically. It comes with a maximum door size of 3000mm and a door weight of 80kgs. 



Valcun wardrobes are these amazingly stylish openable wardrobes. This wardrobe has air hinges that are made in Italy. All the shelves are LED lit and have an in-built hanger space. The door frame profile is suitable for a 5mm glass. Overall, it is a perfect art of furniture.



Sancus wardrobes are openable wardrobes that give you more space for accessories, bags, shoes, and other necessary belongings. The wardrobe shelves are made of glass and have Led lights installed to give that modern touch. The glass door frame will look very pretty in your modern bedroom. 



Artemi openable wardrobes are extremely beautiful in look and give a perfect elegance to the bedroom. Their door weight capacity is 30 kgs, and door hinges have a 3D adjustment. This wardrobe comes with a 200mm inbuilt handle with the profile. With beauty, it comes with a perfect space. The doors have an aluminum sticking style shutter profile. 



Olympus openable collection of wardrobes is a striking and unique piece of furniture that enhances any room with its contemporary style. It has a door weight capacity of a maximum of 80 kgs with an opening angle of 100 degrees. Handle profiles available on the left and right. The door size is maximum up to H 2800mm x W 600mm. 



Glass multiplies the sense of space and makes the room more significant than it is. Using glass as the wardrobe panel not only makes a modish statement but also makes the room appear spacious. The door weight capacity is 50kgs maximum, the door hinges have a 3D adjustment feature for easy functionality. The door frame profile is suitable for 4/6mm glass. 



The NYX openable category of wardrobes is sleek and stylish in design. The door frame profile is suitable for 4mm glass, these doors are built for an opening angle of 100. Enrich your bedroom’s interior with an NYX wardrobe. Simple, elegant and rich looking, a must-have in your home. 



Selene openable wardrobes are a work of art that guarantees perfection and complexity, a visual panache that joins the imaginative splendid qualities of fine contemporary and exemplary wardrobes. The door frame is suitable for 5mm glass and a 120mm inbuilt handle with the profile. The Selene style wardrobe has a door weight capacity of a maximum of 20 kgs. 



SOL openable wardrobe is a combination of quality craftsmanship and contemporary style that encompasses a versatile piece of furniture. This is an openable wardrobe with a profile length of 2900mm and a door thickness of 18mm. The handle size is 1200 from the bottom of the profile. The handle Profile is available in the left & right options. 

Here you are all set to design the wardrobe of your dreams that will enhance the bedroom look. Our skillful team of designers at Veneto ensures that your modular wardrobe in Mumbai is functional, practical and the center of attention in your bedroom. Our wardrobe designs are eye-catching and beautiful, consult us to make the extravagant, stylish wardrobe that you always wanted.

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