Sliding wardrobe designs have taken over the market With their amazing looks and great functionality. Sliding Wardrobes offer a large variety of designs, sizes, and colors making them the go-to choice for many people. Choosing the right company and designs often becomes a hurdle for many buyers when purchasing a Modular Wardrobe. Are you too confused over which designs to choose for your own customized sliding wardrobe? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

What exactly are Sliding Wardrobes?

Sliding wardrobes are a space-saving and classy option over regular 2 and 4-door wardrobes. The name itself gives you some idea about their design, instead of having regular hinged doors, Sliding wardrobe doors slide from one side to another. They offer better compatibility and an overall better look and feel when compared to the traditional wardrobe. Sliding wardrobes offer a practical and aesthetic experience with their appealing and spacious designs giving a modern and luxurious touch to your home.

Are Sliding Wardrobes Better?

There’s always been a huge debate about whether sliding wardrobe designs are better than other wardrobes? Do they really offer more space? Should you only limit your option to sliding wardrobes? And many more confusing questions. The answer to these questions really comes down to one’s personal taste and home design. Sliding wardrobes are a more suitable choice for compact homes whereas you can build a Walk-in wardrobe or Openable Wardrobe if your room is more spacious. You don’t have to limit yourself to sliding wardrobes for selecting the best design for your room, with a company like Veneto you can create Spacious Open and Walk-in Wardrobes which offer great storage along with Elegant and Classy designs

Some Unique and Beautiful Sliding Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom

So you’ve Made up your mind on creating a Custom Sliding Door Wardrobe for your house but are not sure who to trust and what designs to choose? Veneto Design Unique and Elegant Sliding Wardrobes which add a classy touch to the Bedroom. Here are some Creative and custom designs from Veneto’s modern Sliding wardrobe designs catalogue which will help you make the right choice for your room.


Spacious and Beautiful 2 and 3 door sliding wardrobe designs are finished in Matte black and bronze which provides a large possibility of arrangements and fittings which give you a premium feel every time you Slide Open the Door.


A classy design that not only makes efficient use of your space but also gives your room an elegant touch with its beautiful Matte finish.


A truly unique design that creates a beautiful blend of soft-coloured palette with a high glossed surface having a rich texture and detail which gives a statement to everyone who touches and looks at it.


A practical design that provides a mixture of modern-day style and classic functionality. Smooth 2 and 3 door designs are available in Bronze, Brush Iron Grey, Brush Gold, and Matte Black Finish.


An extremely creative design that provides great storage and blends in perfectly with your room’s dimensions, colors, materials and finish giving your room an artistic blend that truly touches your heart.


The modern and smart design which give your room a classy touch and perfectly balance space and storage. A design that lights up your entire room and gives you the freedom to beautifully organize all your shades and colors.

Why choose Veneto to build your custom Wardrobe?

We at Veneto hire the best designers that create unique and sophisticated designs which make your Wardrobe stand out. We undertake custom wardrobe projects to help you turn your ideas into a reality. Our team understands your ideas and designs wardrobes based on your specifications, decides a budget and requirements for your project, and finally executes our plan to finish your wardrobe in the given timeframe. We ensure you have the best sliding wardrobe design of your dreams.

For selecting the wood, creating the design, adding your unique touches to installation, delivery and maintenance we at Veneto do it all for you.

We at Veneto don’t just build modular wardrobes in Mumbai, we build Imagination. So Create your own custom Wardrobe today and bring your ideas into reality with Veneto.

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