One of the most important elements of a modern master bedroom is the wardrobe. Since here is where you keep your clothes and other possessions, it is imperative that there be enough room for everything. Custom wardrobes are highly sought-after in a modern home since they offer a luxurious appearance, can be customized to meet your style, and can manage your stuff. To call a type of wardrobe “storage space” would be an insult to that potentially fantastic area.

In this blog, we’ve covered top 6 Unique design ideas of most amazing, luxurious designs for different types of wardrobe in Mumbai 


Ares sliding wardrobe design is the perfect blend between style & functionality. The sliding doors aren’t simply fashionable; they’re also ideal for large and elegant bedrooms. This wardrobe has a maximum door height of 300mm and a 5mm glass door frame profile that adds to your wardrobe’s elegance. With matte black and mocha finishes available, the unique sliding system is paired with aluminum frame doors that increase its versatility. It comes in a two-door and three-door package, which is a very sweet cherry on the top


One advantage of having a large bedroom is the amount of closet space it offers. The strong and inventive Juno openable wardrobe design doors prevent the entire design from being stuffy, which makes it a great alternative to the large, conventional closet. One of the nicest characteristics of the Juno wardrobe is its two-way soft-close door, which has a maximum height of 3000mm and adds a rich appeal to your bedroom. The wardrobe would not be complete without the sliding doors; the glass door frame, matt black or mocha finish, and metal accents complete the picture of an amazing, sophisticated bedroom.


With a vertical groove running from top to bottom that doubles as a handle, Olympus is among the most versatile wardrobes. Both modern and minimalist environments complement this wardrobe well. With the classic Venetian style, the 3D adjustment door hinge on your Olympus wardrobe looks elegant and graceful. You can pick from a range of finishes, such as glass, matte, and glossy.

Bedroom Wardrobe Design


One contemporary master bedroom walk-in a wardrobe design that’s perfect for people who like to keep things simple is called Cronos. A large two-way soft shut wardrobe features the straightforward doors, colors, and finishes. For maximum storage, the wardrobe reaches the entire height of the space.The decorative panels come in matte black and bronze finishes, which look great against light floors and make a great wall accent. Make sure there is enough contrast, room, and light in your bedroom if you plan to utilize black or bronze. This will help the room look classy and clean.


The Sancus complements your opulent lifestyle with an ultra-sleek appearance and a young spirit. With its glass shelves, LED lights, and stylish hanging rods that project a sense of calm elegance, the wardrobe that opens up is wonderfully dramatic and attractive. When it is time to get ready, a thoughtful fusion of built-in handles and 5mm glass door frames creates a relaxing environment.

Bedroom Wardrobe Design


Selene is a modern wardrobe that combines sophistication with well-thought-out utility. The Practical & Premium components may meet even the strictest specifications and provide unparalleled arrangement versatility. Along with a number of other features, the wardrobe has a 3D adjustable door hinge, right and left profile handles, a 120mm built-in handle with profile, and a 5mm glass frame profile.


After reading this blog, you’re feeling more confident about selecting the right wardrobe for your bedroom. So, if you’re in the market for the best modular wardrobes in Mumbai, Veneto is the place for you. They’ve partnered with some of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands to bring high-end, fully customizable wardrobe elements to India. With a fully customizable product range, you can choose the materials, sizes, and finishes that best suit your needs. Veneto has built a niche for their products among discerning clients over the years. Their talented design team listens to your ideas and creates designs specifically tailored to you.

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