With multiple modern interior designs available in the market it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends and update your furniture accordingly. This is very time-consuming and costly as installing a new piece of furniture or updating older ones can sometimes ruin the aesthetic of your room. However, the one piece of furniture that has the biggest impact on your interior can sustain its look for many years if done right. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s your Wardrobe!
A Modern Lacquered Glass wardrobe offers great functionality and customization options. They’re available in mirrored, frosted, lacquered, and transparent glass options allowing you to design them as per your needs. Veneto helps you build custom a glass wardrobe design that is modern, elegant, and perfectly complements your personality. Apart from their aesthetic appeal glass wardrobe doors offer a wide range of benefits such as:

– Glass doors are comparatively easier to clean and maintain than traditional aluminum or wooden wardrobes.

– By installing mirrored glass, a glass wardrobe design doubles as a full-body mirror which saves space and beautifies your room.

– Installing Sliding Glass doors increase your room space and provide an illusion effect that makes your room look bigger.

– Glass wardrobe doors offer multiple styling options for both the interior as well as the exterior of the wardrobe.

Veneto’s team of highly skilled craftsmen and professional designers help you build the perfect modular wardrobe in Mumbai. We offer a wide range of customizable glass wardrobe designs that help you elevate the interior of your bedroom. Here are some of our leading glass designs:


Inspired by Royal and contemporary designs, the SKY openable glass wardrobe flaunts premium designs that suit every style and taste. The mirrored glass delivers provides your space with a sophisticated and elegant look. Built with an Aluminium sticking-style shutter Profile in an openable frame, SKY is available in Matt Black or Brush Gold finish offering a subtle contrast to the essence of colors that the mirrored glass reflects.

Veneto's SKY Glass Wardrobe Design


The MIA openable glass wardrobe is designed for those who crave luxury in all aspects of life. Available in a Matt Black or Brush Gold finish with beautifully placed air hinges, this wardrobe breaks the barrier between the interior and exterior of a wardrobe. Made as per your custom requirements, MIA allows you to blend your fashion with the interior of your room, flaunting your style and personality.


The UGO Glass sliding wardrobe combines modern design with a timeless classic look. It portrays a balanced, functional, and spacious design that suits the needs of all homeowners. Available in a Matte Black and brush gold finish our UGO wardrobe comes in a two-way soft close design offering you a wide range of customization and storage options to choose from.


The TITAN Glass wardrobe boasts an elegant look that perfectly blends with the personality of your bedroom. The openable design of the wardrobe offers a great storage solution and allows you to flaunt your precious collections with its Matt Black, Brush Gold, and Rose Gold finish. The exquisite design of the wardrobe helps create a perfect contrast between modern culture and functional designs.


Get one with your creativity and style with ecstatic designs and limitless functionality of the DIOR openable wardrobe. Poised between modernity and tradition the timeless design of DIOR blends perfectly with your personality and the aesthetic of your room. The lightweight glass doors available in Matt Black, Brush Gold, Gentle Grey, and Mocha Brown finish of DIOR link traditional designs with international functionalities.

Veneto's DIOR Glass Wardrobe Design


With the aim of providing a serene, simple, and contemporary design that delivers functionality and storage, ARTEMI was built with the highest precision and attention to detail. Constructed with Door Hinges made in Italy with 3D Adjustments, the openable profile of the wardrobe drips luxury in every aspect. The light and spacious design of the wardrobe makes it perfect for making a statement without having to go over the top.


The practical and eye-pleasing design of EPONA helps you utilize all your space without losing the modernity of your interior. The functional design of this openable wardrobe helps balance the tranquility and complexity of your room, creating a relaxing environment for you to dress. The wardrobe features Air hinges, Glass shelves with LED lights, and Hanger rod options that make your clothing and accessories stand out in a subtle and elegant way!

Along with these beautiful and functional wardrobe designs, Veneto offers a wide range of wooden and wardrobe designs. Our bedroom wardrobe design catalogue is a basket full of sliding and walk-in wardrobe designs that are alluring to the eyes. So give us a call today for designing a custom and modern glass wardrobe for your home!

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