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You must’ve seen a great wardrobe design that occupied your daily thoughts, sometimes even dreaming of sitting around the luxurious wooden covers of your wardrobe made with well-treated wood and has a dispersed spectrum of light on its surface. Well after looking at your old wardrobe all of this sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Every now and then people work on new wardrobe designs that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Let’s be honest, a poorly designed wardrobe costs the same as a well-planned wardrobe. What makes all the difference is thorough planning, consideration & creativity put into the design element. And with this blog, we intend to assist you in getting started with building ideal wardrobe for your room, which will allow you to keep things organized as you like them while making the most of every available inch of space. 

So here are the 8 things to help you choose the perfect wardrobe in 2022:

Consider your habits 

Wardrobes functions best if you prepare ahead of time how you will use them and design them accordingly. Without careful planning, many closets wind up with too much hanging space, too little shelf, insufficient drawer storage, or a mix of these concerns.

When you’re getting dressed, consider the steps you follow in the process. Do you prefer to hang your shirts? Or do you want them neatly stacked? Design your wardrobe such that your most-used items are at eye level, your less-used items are below, and your least-used stuff are on the higher shelves.


Avoid going overboard

Choosing how huge or tiny your wardrobe should be is a key stage in the design process. Don’t dedicate a whole wall for a closet until you’ve carefully considered what you’ll be storing within it. Even with the wardrobe in place, you can make a tiny bedroom quite cozy while saving a lot of money.


Make use of ergonomics.

Ergonomics is the study of your efficiency in a workplace & it isn’t limited to your office chairs. You don’t want to be on all fours while searching for your favorite pair of shorts or bending down every time you want to put a bag or shawl in the wardrobe.

Plan your wardrobe ergonomically, and you’ll discover that items are simpler to find and that keeping things organized is easier than ever. That’s why we at Veneto help you build a custom Bedroom Wardrobe in Mumbai to fulfill all your storage needs.

Keep everything visible.

Being able to see all of your clothes, rather than just the top layer, saves you more time than you may realize when getting dressed. You can use accessories like wire bins, glass-front drawers, drawers with dividers, and belt and tie racks to aid you in keeping everything visible.


Reduce the number of drawers

Drawers raise the cost of your sliding wardrobe designs and take up a lot of valuable space. You don’t need drawers for your underwear and socks if you already have a dresser in your bedroom. Similarly, you can use open shelves that are ideal for storing sweaters and shirts. 

So get rid of all unnecessary drawers today!


Keep adequate lighting.

A well-thought design lets you view what’s on the inside of your wardrobe. Natural light is effective, but what happens when it is not available? Thus, it’s a good idea to consider lighting alternatives for your wardrobe. One thing to keep an eye out for is heat from the light sources. You can always consult with our specialists and select the safest lighting alternative.

Make the Most of Vertical Space

It is critical that you utilize every available space, from the ceiling to the floor. Use baskets on high shelves and roll-out boxes near the floor to keep everything orderly and simple to access. You can use these simple things to organize the items that you don’t use on a daily basis.


The clothing rail’s height

Finally, the height of the clothes rail will be determined by the type of clothing you wear. The commonly acceptable length of the wardrobe from the rail to the bottom for most individuals who own business clothing and long dresses is around 1.7m. This length guarantees that your clothing hangs neatly. 


These points are meant to help you look for even the smallest of the opportunity for space and encourage you to be creative with the layout, colors & textures of the wood to get the desired wardrobe that fits your need. 

At Veneto, we build modular wardrobes in Mumbai as we understand that modern homes are incomplete without a functional and sophisticated wardrobe. We incorporate our expertise to design a  smart and quality wardrobe that will cater to your requirements. Book a consultation with us today to build the dream wardrobe that you always wanted!

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