Wardrobes are more than functional pieces of furniture and play a crucial role in uplifting the appeal of your room. A bedroom wardrobe is more than a storage unit, it’s a beautifully crafted work of art that indulges you in luxury every time you dress up. Moreover, every bedroom in your home requires a wardrobe that’s easy to access, offers sufficient storage, and elegantly blends in with the theme and aesthetic of your home. Available in numerous color combinations, finishes, and materials, you can design a custom Wardrobe that perfectly utilizes every nook and tricky corner of your room. At Veneto, we offer infinite customization options that help you select the perfect master bedroom wardrobe design. Our team creatively blends exquisite materials and premium craftsmanship to design unique Wardrobes to suit your lifestyle and style. At Veneto, our extensive bedroom wardrobe design catalogue helps you select elegant Wardrobes crafted using premium materials. That’s why in this blog, we’ve listed down tips to select the perfect bedroom wardrobe design in India and gather inspiration to revamp your storage. 

Tinker with Glass doors

Glass doors allow you to see what you want immediately, making the morning rush simpler. The modern appeal of glass doors dispels the myth about these wardrobes being outdated and perfectly blending with contemporary bedroom designs. Our Valcun and Kratos clear glass wardrobe designs are an ideal example of the same which complement every modern home.

Maximize space with Sliding doors

Our Cronos and Helios wardrobes from our bedroom wardrobe design catalog are not strictly built-in, but they give the look of a modern wardrobe. These designs are a great option if you prefer a bespoke affair that Elevates the appeal of your room. Our sliding wardrobes also make a great small bedroom idea because they only take up space when opened.

Stay organized with Rails

The inside of your wardrobe is extremely important, and it’s worth taking some time to consider your storage requirements. Because we’re all not experts in folding clothes, having more rails than drawers may be the solution to having a clutter-free Wardrobe! You can install Half-height rails for blouses, shirts, skirts, and jackets to save time, and if you own multiple dresses or suits you should consider installing a full-height rail.

Open up your space with Mirrored Wardrobes

Mirrored doors are useful for two reasons:

They help to bounce light creating an illusion that makes even small bedrooms look big. This makes them perfect for people who feel claustrophobic and require space to open up

Mirrored Wardrobe doors provide full-length mirrors for checking outfits without you having to invest in a floor-standing huge mirror. This saves space and reduces your cleaning requirements which makes it a win-win!

Plan ahead with Openable Wardrobe designs

We usually close the doors on our master bedroom wardrobe ideas to hide a slew of poorly folded sweaters and multiple t-shirts hanging from a single hanger, but if you like a bit of organization and have a ‘knack for cleaning,’ it’s better for you to consider an open plan built-in wardrobe. This helps you beautifully hang every piece of clothing and keep others neatly folded, just like a premium fashion boutique.

Customize the Interior and Exterior

It’s easy to spend all the time thinking about your wardrobe’s interior, but the exterior is just as significant. It is essential to create a consistent look when the doors are closed. Your master bedroom modern designs should blend in with the rest of your decor. This is done beautifully by our Fia and Astra wardrobe designs that match any interior and are linked with premium handles and accessories.

Create multi-functional places

The insides of your unique wardrobe design should hold not only your clothes but also your shoes, overnight bags, watches, jewelry, and other accessories. Make sure you have enough space for essential pieces when planning your shelving layout. They can be of various heights and don’t require much space, but they are worth considering.

Design Custom Modern Wardrobes with Veneto

The elegance of modern Master Bedroom Wardrobe Design is they can either blend in or stand out, depending on your preferences. Our Dior and Artemi Wardrobes have beautiful features with 3D door hinge adjustments and an aluminum sticking-style shutter profile, to name a few. This helps us deliver premium style with flawless functionality allowing you to create an effective modern bedroom interior. There are numerous advantages to incorporating these design ideas, especially when your bedroom requires a makeover. They are an excellent choice for both modern and traditional homes. It’s very easy to ruin your bedroom’s aesthetic with the wrong Wardrobe design but these suggestions will help you build the perfect Wardrobe that satisfies all your needs. Veneto helps you build the perfect modular wardrobe in Mumbai designed to give your room a unique look. We create bespoke wardrobes that maximize every nook, cranny, and inch of your space meeting your exact storage needs. Our Wardrobe designs for Indian bedrooms constantly evolve with changing trends helping us design and create wardrobes that provide practical and aesthetic benefits. With colors, wardrobe types, finishes and material choices our team enables you to customize your master bedroom wardrobe as per your preferences and style.

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