Elevate Your Decor With Our Custom Glass Wardrobes

Glass wardrobes are a masterpiece of architecture and add a touch of luxury to your home. But, building the right glass wardrobe for your home is not that easy. This is because glass wardrobes are unique in style and require a modern interior. However, Glass wardrobes are the perfect way to flaunt your clothes and precious accessories because of their beautiful transparent display. 

That’s why we at Veneto help you build a custom Glass wardrobe in Mumbai with our wide range of designs and materials. Our wardrobe’s transparent design along with the wooden and metal frame gives your room an exquisite touch making it look. 

Glass wardrobes from Veneto are simple to install, maintain, and clean. We use the best quality materials which increase your glass wardrobes’ overall durability making them scratch and moisture resistant. Above all, Glass is more sophisticated than other materials used for wardrobes and has a rare elegance.

So if you’re planning to revamp your wardrobe or need a few ideas for building a new glass wardrobe, look no further. Here are our top favorite lacquered glass wardrobes that elevate your bedroom decor.


A perfect balance of beauty and practicality, our Uranus glass wardrobe is everyone’s favorite choice. As a free-standing wardrobe, the Uranus glass wardrobe can be positioned separately in any defined space. It is a great option if you want the wardrobe to be the focal point of the bedroom. Our Uranus wardrobe features some of the finest details along with exquisite design and high functionality that automatically add elegance to your entire room. Our unique design gives your bedroom a majestic appearance because of the clear glass doors, which complement the rest of the furniture perfectly.


If you desire a stylish, elegant design that adds a breath-taking panorama to your bedroom, then our Valcun glass wardrobe design is the ideal pick for you. This extraordinary wardrobe adds exceptional functionality, expands the sense of space in your area, and enables you to stylishly decorate your space. Having more room in your closet allows you to expand your already opulent collection of clothing, accessories, bags, and clutches and our wardrobe helps you do so perfectly. Whether your decor has a vintage style or a modern one, our skilled wardrobe designers know how to incorporate the best Valcun wardrobe for your space.


Our Sancus wardrobe delivers the most exquisite design along with sufficient space making it the King of storage. If you have enough room for a free-standing wardrobe, then our Sancus design is the right choice for you. Filtering out clothes due to lack of wardrobe space is no longer an issue thanks to our Sancus wardrobe. You not only have plenty of room for your belongings but organizing your collection is also made much simpler as you don’t need to dig through the entire wardrobe to find your perfect shirt!


In addition to saving space, Artemi makes a fashion statement and gives your home a sleek, contemporary vibe. We deliver innovative and impressive designs made using premium materials, cutting-edge space optimization strategies along with the best customer satisfaction.  The Artemi glass wardrobe offers a wide range of practical advantages, including excellent storage capacity, easy accessibility, and efficient use of floor space. This beautiful wardrobe perfectly complements your walls and gives your space a well-organized appearance. Using the latest and advanced technologies, Artemi guarantees high operational effectiveness, a strong aesthetic appeal, and excellent durability.


One of the main reasons Olympus is the best option is “access”! It offers hinged wardrobe doors that swing open instantly, flaunting your amazing collection. They increase the amount of light that is available while also creating space for large, bulky items to be stored conveniently. Veneto offers you the most tasteful and aesthetically pleasing hinged glass wardrobe designs that conserve space and give your room the much-needed “X-factor.” Our cutting-edge Olympus wardrobe is created to reflect your personal style and adhere to the strictest quality guidelines.

Veneto provides a wide selection of ergonomic, traditional, and custom modular wardrobes in Mumbai. We deliver high-end functionality and design making your wardrobes more useful and practical thanks to our cutting-edge materials and accessories. Our luxury wardrobes feature the most up-to-date opening mechanisms, exceptional concealing capabilities, and handleless options for an entirely sleek and refined appearance. So give us a call today and connect with our team to build your dream lacquered glass wardrobe!

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