What Makes Walk In Wardrobe The Perfect Solution For Modern Homes?

With the advent of modern designs and aesthetic interiors, walk-in closets have quickly become a big trend in homes in most modern homes. These luxurious wooden and glass wardrobes add a lavish touch to your interiors and also improve your daily life’s functionality and sense of order in addition to simply looking good. The best part is that a well-designed wardrobe can give your home a more opulent feel as it feels one with your bedroom and not just another boring old piece of wooden furniture.

Just imagine getting ready for the day in your personal walk-in closet each morning with custom lights and shelves! It sounds really magnificent, doesn’t it? That’s why if you’re in the market for a new wardrobe or your old wardrobe is just not cutting it, then building a custom walk in wardrobe for your house would be a great choice. Among its multiple designs benefits and aesthetic looks, here are some reasons why buying a walk in wardrobe in Mumbai is a wise investment:

Helps you stay organized

It’s so much simpler to organize your belongings and see your closet when you have a walk in wardrobe. There is enough room to store and display all of your belongings, from small storage options for your luxury watches and shiny jewelry to hanging space for your classy dresses and suits. Having a designated area for all of your clothing, accessories, and shoes helps you save a lot of time when getting ready each day while proving a luxurious and enjoyable experience.

Helps you cut costs

Keeping all of your wardrobe items in a single, well-lit room doesn’t just save space but also helps you save a lot of money.  With a custom walk in wardrobe, you’ll stop unintentionally buying more of the same things once you can see everything you have an account for everything you already own. A walk-in closet can also help you appreciate your possessions and help you resist the urge to shop constantly.

OPS Walk in Closets - Veneto

Constructs a private getaway

In a designated dressing room, you can find the privacy and personal space you sorely need while getting dressed for the day. If you want to relax there at the end of a busy day, you can also fill it with the things you enjoy. The addition of a chair and other elements like a large mirror, a dressing island, or a dressing table enhances the room’s functionality while also making it cozier and more comfortable.

Maintains your clothing and accessories

Walk-in closets promote ventilation, preventing the growth of mildew and mold. This allows your clothes to breathe when you hang them in a designated area and avoid any pungent smell getting stuck onto them. They won’t crease much because they aren’t all crammed together, which makes them require less ironing.

Displays your collections in a beautiful way

If you own expensive items like custom-made dresses from renowned designers or handbags made of exquisite materials you would like to flaunt them, won’t you? Well, you can put them on display in your walk-in closet so you can admire them each time you enter the room by utilizing the hooks, shelves, racks, and other available space, and be proud of your possessions. You can even set up your walk-in closet to resemble a tiny boutique of your home.

NOX Walk in Wardrobe - Veneto

Make the most out of awkward spaces with Veneto

You can make the most of the space in your home with a well-designed custom wardrobe from Veneto. Our walk-in closets are created to meet your individual storage needs and to make use of any unused or awkward space. It’s important to comprehend how to create a walk-in closet that is actually useful. However, before you get started, consider these things when building your walk in wardrobe:

1. List down your requirements.

Consider what you want to store and how you want to store it in your walk-in closet. If you have a lot of clothing, shoes, and accessories, make an inventory of them. Think about the following:

Do you require more drawers or hanging storage?

Do you require storage for your formal wear, winter coats, or suits?

Do you hang your belts or do you like them rolled?

Do you roll your ties instead of hanging them?  Do you like open shelving or drawers?

Do your jewelry drawers require custom dividers?

2. Measure the space

Before you get started you should create a floor plan, and measure the space or room where you want to install your walk-in closet. Any windows or doors, as well as any electrical outlets, air vents, light switches, etc., should all be noted. By doing this any unwanted future surprises can be easily avoided.

SORS walk in wardrobe - Veneto

3. Start with a plan

Make logical divisions in your walk in wardrobe. Create various configurations, then pick the one that best satisfies your requirements and aesthetic preferences. Always keep in mind that you want to design a walk in wardrobe that you will enjoy using every day.

With so many amazing benefits and such unique designs, walk in wardrobes are definitely something you’ve got on your mind. So are you considering building a walk-in closet in your house? We at Veneto can assist you in doing so!

We build modular wardrobes in Mumbai based on your space and particular needs and create designs that are not just practical but also beautiful. So give us a call today and get in touch with our amazing team to see the walk in wardrobe designs we offer.

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