How to create perfect lighting in your custom wardrobe.

How to create perfect lighting in your custom wardrobe. - Veneto

A custom wardrobe is a vital part of our everyday lives since it provides storage space for clothing and accessories. It not only keeps our belongings organised, but it also adds a useful and attractive touch to our home design. Proper lighting in the wardrobe is vital because it impacts our mood, helps us find […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To An Openable Wardrobe

With your busy schedule & outstanding fashion sense, the last thing you’ll want to see is an unorganized wardrobe with all your favorite shirts crumbled inside. We all want our clothes to stay organized that’s why it’s necessary to pay attention to the specific elements while getting a new wardrobe fitted. Choosing the right options […]

3 Reasons Why You Need To Remodel & Upgrade Your Generic Wardrobe

Wardrobes are an integral part of your room’s decor as they provide both practical & aesthetic value. That’s why they need to function smoothly without you having to worry about anything. But it isn’t that easy, your wardrobe space will not function properly for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, the problem is […]

Latest 2023 Openable Wardrobe Designs For Your Home!

Wardrobes are an important piece of furniture in every home, they tend to dominate the look of the entire room. Ideally, the wardrobe should utilize space as effectively as possible. The word ‘wardrobe’ comes from the French garderobe. The wardrobe is a piece of furniture with a captivating history and has advanced to turn into […]

Why Installing Lights Is The Perfect Addition To Your Custom Wardrobe?

The ‘wardrobe’ is an indispensable piece of furniture in everybody’s life. A wardrobe not only is a place to store your clothes but also becomes one with your room’s decor over time. A wardrobe that is in order and organized is known to ease life and reduce the stress of finding your clothes and accessories […]

5 Reasons Why Your Room Needs Custom Wardrobe From Veneto

Does your bedroom wardrobe feel like a disaster & it has become more & more difficult to keep it organized? Nothing is worse than starting your day by wasting time in finding the shirt that matches your pant, let alone finding your favorite clothes for a big meeting or a party. Well, it’s time you […]

Elevate Your Decor With Our Custom Glass Wardrobes

Glass wardrobes are a masterpiece of architecture and add a touch of luxury to your home. But, building the right glass wardrobe for your home is not that easy. This is because glass wardrobes are unique in style and require a modern interior. However, Glass wardrobes are the perfect way to flaunt your clothes and […]

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