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Designer Wardrobes

This category includes Selene, Olympus, Nyx


Our team consist of experts with proficiency and exceptional knowledge


We always fulfill every promise made to our customers.


Our consultants will always consult you in every step during the decision making.


Our goal is to provide best services with affordable prices.


Suave, impressive and distinctive wardrobes, that fit into a genre of its own. A collection of striking and unique furniture -that top off every room with contemporary styles that embrace elegance. Simple designs are effortlessly stylish, complementing your calm oasis perfectly.


The concept of carving out a sanctuary in your space helps you unwind sophistication. A cozy built-in shelf anchored by a grip door that adds on practical designing. This modern styled decor is functional and sleek. The door panels match any architectural requirement.


A masterpiece that promises exquisiteness and sophistication, a visual panache that combines the artistic brilliances of fine contemporary and classic wardrobes. For an exceptionally practical storage space, these closets are built in for both versatility and quality

Customized Wardrobes

Just like Designer clothes add a touch of elegance to your style, Designer Wardrobes give a luxurious feel to your room. Designer Wardrobes offer a lavish & elegant solution for all your storage needs. They offer custom-made designs that perfectly blend in with your decor Changing the appearance of your house. Along with an elegant look Designer Wardrobes also provide you with a spacious storage solution helping you stay organized all the time. Having a custom Modular Wardrobe showcases your style & creativity and is a great conversation starter.
The true elegance of a Wardrobe lies in the quality of materials & the attention to detail. Veneto has a team of leading Closet designers in Mumbai who create some of the most beautiful & practical wardrobes. We don’t just design wardrobes rather we create experiences, at Veneto our team helps you turn your ideas into reality. Our designs are not just unique but also practical with a wide range of customization options for you to choose from.
We understand what our clients expect from us & make sure that we never fail to deliver the best results. From selecting the wood, color, design to the door handles & locks Veneto provides you with the complete customization experience.
Our experts help you explore your creativity & design the most amazing Wardrobes for your home. From the ideation to its visualization and execution, Veneto helps you build the most sophisticated & unique Designer Wardrobes.

Why Choose Veneto ?

From selecting the quality & type of wood to delivery & regular maintenance services we at Veneto provide you with a real end-to-end experience. Our Closet Designers create Designer Wardrobes that blend in with your home designs giving you that premium feels every time you dress. We follow an efficient & reliable working process giving you the best service in Mumbai.
With the aim to create long-lasting & meaningful relationships with our clients Veneto delivers quality & luxury like no other company in Mumbai, creating unique & sophisticated designs.
Our mission is to maintain full transparency to establish a feeling of trust & build healthy relations with our clients. Our talented team makes sure you are regularly updated with any progress related to your wardrobe & utilize your money effectively so that your project is completed before the given deadline.
Come home to new stories every day & experience what true luxury feels like with Veneto.
Connect with some of the talented & creative experts in Mumbai & create your Own Designer Wardrobes Today with Veneto.
So Give us a call on +91 89288 12523 or email us at sales@cnr.net.in & explore everything which Veneto has to offer.