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Modular Wardrobe

This category includes Gaia, Valcun and Venti.


Our team consist of experts with proficiency and exceptional knowledge


We always fulfill every promise made to our customers.


Our consultants will always consult you in every step during the decision making.


Our goal is to provide best services with affordable prices.


Exceptional design is a space of comfort and elegance. Quality custom storage solutions reflect one’s choice of style and opulence. It is our passion to personalize your storage space efficiently so as to be adaptable.


Sleek functionality and a complete display of the things we love. Open squared outlines with strong metal frames, with wooden shelves creating a harmonious design.


Setting the tone for a room by creating a sense of styling the essentials systematically, the ultimate style experience. The varied needs and styles of self-expression and sophistication enable continuous strife in unique designs.


Our passion to design and build personalized storage solutions. We design not just the square-foot space but your style too. Offering customized features like adjustable rods, shelves, racks, dividers, heights and many more, accentuating a stunningly organized display.


Geometrics that fit in every design with perfect customization. Designing wonderful solutions for your lifestyle, not just the design but creating a convenient and organized work of art.


Classic designs are always welcoming and give a rich look. Creating wardrobes with lifestyle and culture are two contrasting styles that balance and harmonize. Designed to create a distinct impression – an exquisite design, contemporary living has never looked so good!


Epitomizing the magic of contemporary designs; serenely simple, storage that is functional and stylish, displaying precision and detailing to the maximum. There is nothing more satisfying than transforming a space with innovative products, through iconic series of wardrobes.

Modular Wardrobe

Apart from keeping you organized, Wardrobes play a major role in showcasing your style & creativity...a wardrobe can make or break the appearance of your room. Having a personalized Modular wardrobe gives your home an elegant & modern look allowing you to flaunt your creativity & ideas. Veneto provides professional services helping you create such amazing & unique Modular Wardrobes in Mumbai.
Modular wardrobes give your room a sophisticated & classy feel which perfectly blends in with your decor. Modular wardrobes offer the highest level of customization options & at Veneto, we help you create your own unique design in Mumbai. Due to the high level of customization options, modular wardrobes allow you to utilize your bedroom space more efficiently. Overall Modular wardrobes provide a modern & efficient storage solution to homeowners giving them a fresh experience every time they dress.
Our team of expert craftsmen & designers provides the most versatile customization services in Mumbai. We at Veneto only use premium materials to build high-quality & beautiful modular wardrobes. Our talented team puts their creative skills to use helping you turn your wardrobe ideas into a reality. Our Modular Wardrobes don’t just have a unique design but also provide you with all the personalized storage which you deserve. Come home to some of the best Wardrobe designs in Mumbai with Veneto.

Why Choose Veneto ?

We at Veneto value client satisfaction over everything providing you the best value for your time & money. Our creative craftsmen & professional experts deliver extraordinary services designing unique & functional Modular Wardrobes in Mumbai. Veneto offers you a whole new world of customization & personalization for your wardrobes. From selecting the design, colors & materials to home delivery & installation we deliver a 360 experience to each of our clients in Mumbai. Our talented team transforms your sophisticated & unique ideas into fully functional Modular wardrobes which showcase your style & class.
With Veneto experience an appealing & stress-free wardrobe development process & get that classy feel every time you dress.
Come home to new stories every day & experience what true luxury feels like with Veneto.
Connect with some of the talented & creative experts in Mumbai & create your Own Modular Wardrobes Today with Veneto.
So Give us a call on+91 89288 12523 or email us at sales@cnr.net.in & explore everything which Veneto has to offer.