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Openable Wardrobes

This category includes Valcun ,Epona,Sancus,Gaia and Kratos, Selene, Artemi, Olympus, Minerva, Titan, Nyx, SOL, Liber


Our team consist of experts with proficiency and exceptional knowledge


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Our consultants will always consult you in every step during the decision making.


Our goal is to provide best services with affordable prices.


Exceptional design is a space of comfort and elegance. Quality custom storage solutions reflect one’s choice of style and opulence. It is our passion to personalize your storage space efficiently so as to be adaptable.


Geometrics that fit in every design with perfect customization. Designing wonderful solutions for your lifestyle, not just the design but creating a convenient and organized work of art.


A well-designed wardrobe is a practical space that is also aesthetically beautiful. Elegantly crafted closet balances the harmony and tranquility along with storage and style, a perfect fitting into the most relaxing space – your room.


Sleek functionality and a complete display of the things we love. Open squared outlines with strong metal frames, with wooden shelves creating a harmonious design.


With thoughtful designs that create the required organizing space, while maintaining comfort to assemble and transform every workmanship to aestheticism. It is not just an expression but an impression that defines the architectural design.


A masterpiece that promises exquisiteness and sophistication, a visual panache that combines the artistic brilliances of fine contemporary and classic wardrobes. For an exceptionally practical storage space, these closets are built in for both versatility and quality.


Epitomizing the magic of contemporary designs; serenely simple, storage that is functional and stylish, displaying precision and detailing to the maximum. There is nothing more satisfying than transforming a space with innovative products, through iconic series of wardrobes.


Suave, impressive and distinctive wardrobes, that fit into a genre of its own. A collection of striking and unique furniture -that top off every room with contemporary styles that embrace elegance. Simple designs are effortlessly stylish, complementing your calm oasis perfectly.


Aluminum frame glass cabinet doors are in-vogue additions to your residential or commercial interior. Be it kitchen cabinet doors, office furniture doors or wardrobe closet storage. The aluminum door frame features integrated handles and innate grove for handles with a slim profile for top and bottom of the door to make the door more attractive.


Classic designs are always welcoming and give a rich look. Creating wardrobes with lifestyle and culture are two contrasting styles that balance and harmonize. Designed to create a distinct impression – an exquisite design, contemporary living has never looked so good!


The concept of carving out a sanctuary in your space helps you unwind sophistication. A cozy built-in shelf anchored by a grip door that adds on practical designing. This modern styled decor is functional and sleek. The door panels match any architectural requirement.


Combining the efficiencies of space transformation with quality of craftsmanship and contemporary styles encompass a range of versatile pieces of furniture. Neutral shades emanate a more relaxing vibe with a glamorous touch of gold running right up to the top -luxury timelessly redefined.


Discover elegance designed by a team who do not compromise. The palatial handles at it’s finest on wardrobes that channel sophistication. The combination of elegance and style, gives your room their of a contemporary opulence – unparalleled lifestyle.

Openable Wardrobe

Ample storage space for clothes, shoes and accessories without compromising elegant design- this combination is what most homeowners crave. One way to achieve this is through a beautifully designed spacious openable wardrobe . They are a great choice when you do not want to compromise on any of the features of your wardrobe, be it the appearance or the internal compartments. A significant advantage of these wardrobes is that it opens up to give a full view of the wardrobe. Another advantage of choosing this traditional wardrobe is that it can be designed to suit any space.

The uniqueness of our wardrobes lies in its clever craftsmanship and sheer creativity. We believe a carefully designed modern wardrobe will meet all your storage needs. At Veneto, we work closely with you to deliver a customised premium luxurious wardrobe that reflects your taste. Our designs are available in a host of finishes, colours and interior options that we incorporate to design your wardrobe which suits your lifestyle.

We are proud to cater to all your tastes, which is why you will find a wide range of wardrobe styles to choose from. Our diligent attention to detail guarantees premium quality and a highly functional wardrobe that will become a statement in your bedroom. Veneto aims to keep minimum environmental impact, which is why we build from sustainable materials.

With Veneto, you will feel comfortable selecting your , bedroom wardrobe which is why our process is simple. Our friendly experts discuss your inspiration and preferences, draw designs to help you visualise and build a perfect wardrobe that will enrich your space.

Why Choose Veneto?

Everybody has unique requirements; the beauty of our custom-made openable wardrobe is that we build a wardrobe that ticks all of your boxes and whether it’s wooden wardrobe or glass wardrobe we’ve got you covered. We believe the best utilisation of space is achieved when flexibility in design is blended. From conception to conclusion, we have the experience to deliver unique and functional wardrobes.

We listen to what you want, take note of your needs, combine your thoughts and our creative ideas to create a wardrobe that is tailored to you. Client commitment is paramount to us, that is why we are best known for our persistence to source far and wide for design inspirations and trends. Our openable wardrobe design ensures ultimate spaciousness that matches the true elegance of your home.

Our designers work at the highest craftsmanship level to build the wardrobe of your dreams. If you are planning to renovate, restyling your wardrobe or make a new one altogether, Veneto’s designs will meet all the needs of your present-day life.