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Discover a distinctive elegance through a seamless blend to every interior. The LED shelf collections for wardrobes are bespoke, designed to your specifications with modern simple designs yet striking; the designs are a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.


Designed for connoisseurs of fine furniture, the range emanates facets with perfect craftsmanship. The design is simply irresistible that defines your space with your personality. The LED shelves are a perfect blend of functionality and style which reflects high quality and created with passion.

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Free Up Bathroom Vanity Space With Bathroom Shelves 

Bathroom shelves play a significant role in bathroom design. They offer many uses that can only help with accessibility and comfort in your bathroom design. Bathroom wall shelves are used for a variety of purposes. First and foremost, glass bathroom shelves are used for storage and display. 

One essential element of a safe and practical bathroom design is storage. Because of this, bathroom shelves rank among the most underutilized but important design elements. Some bathroom designers or decorators may install multiple shelves to organize everything effectively, neatly, and orderly in your bathroom.

Get Extra Bathroom Storage Space With Our Modern Bathroom Shelves 

Veneto offers a range of high-quality glass bathroom shelves to complement any design scheme. Our bathroom shelves are available in various styles to match your bathroom decor. 

Cleaning, face washing, and tooth brushing become effortless with a well-designed bathroom shelf. Choose from various shelves to suit your needs and keep your toiletries neatly organized. Experience the convenience of ample storage space with Veneto’s glass bathroom shelves.

Different Types Of Bathroom Shelves From Veneto 

At Veneto, we offer a range of robust bathroom shelf designs that utilize and maximize space within the wardrobe. Choose from a great range of glass bathroom shelves:


Display your favorite shower gels, diffusers, lotions, and essential toiletries on our fabulous ELEKTRA bathroom shelves design. Our ELEKTRA glass bathroom shelves are a stylish solution for a clutter-free bathroom. Made of 5mm thick glass, they give an illusion of space. 

Features of Our ELEKTRA bathroom shelves design:

– Customized aluminum glass shelf with LED for wardrobe, tailored to your needs.

– Easy installation process.

– The aluminum profile length is 3000mm.

– The glass thickness is 5mm.

– LED strip lengths available: 600mm, 1000mm, 1350mm.

– LED color temperature: 3000k.


ERA is a practical and versatile solution for your bathing space. Keep your shower gels, soap dishes, toothpaste holders, and more on the glass bathroom shelves. Installed with LED lights, the ERA bathroom shelves designs will add a luxury hotel feel to your bathroom. 

Features of Our ERA bathroom shelves designs:

– Italian minimalist wall-mounted shelf with LED light, suitable for living rooms, kitchens, modular wardrobe in Mumbai, and study rooms.

– Available lengths: 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm.

Why Should You Install Glass Bathroom Shelves?

Discover the benefits of installing your bathroom shelves:

– Corner optimization:

By concentrating on the corners, our bathroom shelves make the most of unused areas and guarantee no wasted space. This is especially useful in compact bathrooms where effective space utilization is essential.

– Improved Functionality:

Installing modern bathroom shelves is a clever way to make your bathroom more practical. They keep necessities close at hand without taking up bathroom countertops or floor space and are easily accessible.

– Space-saving:

Our bathroom shelves design eliminates the need for bulky support systems, effectively conserving important floor space. This is especially helpful in compact bathrooms when making the most available space is essential.

How To Care For Glass Bathroom Shelves 

Here’s a guide on how to care for your bathroom wall shelves.

– Regular Cleaning:

Maintain the sparkle of your glass shelves by cleaning them regularly. Use a gentle glass cleaner to clean water marks and smudges. Wipe the glass bathroom shelves with a lint-free microfiber towel to avoid scratching and leave a streak-free finish. When you buy modern bathroom shelves, keep them clear by gently cleaning the surface.

– Handling with Care:

Take care when placing or removing products from the bathroom wall shelves. Avoid dragging objects over the glass since little friction might cause scratches. If you want to keep the glass in excellent condition, lift things rather than sliding them.

– Avoid Overload:

While glass bathroom shelves are built to be sturdy, they must not be overloaded beyond their weight capacity. To avoid stressing the glass and brackets, follow our designer’s instructions for maximum weight limitations.

– Product Spills:

Quickly clean up product spills, especially if they include liquids that can stain the glass. This avoids difficult-to-remove stains that could call for deeper cleaning of the bathroom wall shelves. 

Why Buy Bathroom l Shelves From Veneto? 

Veneto’s glass bathroom shelves are the most convenient way to organize your bathroom. Our bathroom shelves and wall mounted kitchen shelves are made with careful attention to detail and a commitment to quality, combining innovative designs with sturdy materials to ensure long-lasting utility. 

Our glass bathroom shelves are available online and are designed with space optimization in mind to easily fit into different bathroom layouts, including vertical and angled spaces. Veneto shelves’ aesthetic appeal provides versatile storage alternatives while elevating your bathroom’s style. 

Buy Modern Bathroom Shelves At Veneto 

Get an organized and functional bathroom space with our glass bathroom shelves. Our sturdy designs adapt to different bathroom styles. Choose from our range of bathroom shelves to keep your essentials handy. 


What are your bathroom shelves used for?

Our bathroom shelves store and organize various essentials such as toiletries, towels, bath accessories, and decorative items. By providing storage space, they help keep the bathroom tidy and free from clutter.

Can Veneto bathroom shelves be installed in any bathroom?

Bathroom shelves can be installed in most bathrooms, regardless of size or layout. Whether you have a small powder room or a spacious master bathroom, shelves are available in different sizes and styles to fit your needs and complement your decor.

How much weight can your bathroom shelves hold?

Weight capacity varies depending on the shelf’s design and materials, so checking our product specifications is essential.

Are your bathroom shelves suitable for small bathrooms?

Yes, there are many space-saving bathroom shelves designs in our collection for use in smaller bathroom spaces.

Can I install multiple shelves to create a storage wall?

Yes, you can install multiple bathroom shelves to create a custom storage solution, provided the wall can support the weight.

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