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Exceptional design is a space of comfort and classiness. Quality custom storage solutions reflect one’s choice of style and opulence. It is our passion to personalize your storage space efficiently so as to be adaptable.
Geometries that fit in every design with perfect customization. Designing wonderful solutions for your lifestyle, not just the design but creating a convenient and organized work of art.
A well-designed wardrobe is a practical space that is also aesthetically beautiful. Elegantly crafted closet balances the harmony and tranquility along with storage and style, a perfect fitting into the most relaxing space – your room.
Sleek functionality and a complete display of the things we love. Open squared outlines with strong metal frames, with wooden partitions creating a harmonious design.
With thoughtful designs that create the required organizing space, while maintaining comfort to assemble and transform every workmanship to aestheticism. It is not just an expression but an impression that defines the architectural design.
Designed to offer cabinets that look timeless and ages beautifully. A clutter-free and fluid interiors is sure to inspire the Zen in you. This glass-door cabinet combines the artistic brilliances of craft and stylish finesse of display.


The field of premium wardrobes to suit every taste, right in the spotlight that does all the talking. Inspired by royalty, the beautifully designed space has a timeless and elegant appeal. Bringing in luxury, it combines the essence of colours for sophistication and a new living space.
Unleash your creativity and break the boundaries. Extremely functional with designs without limitations. Poised between tradition and modernity, it is innovatively urban with an international overview.


Driven with new ideas for interior spaces while setting a benchmark for inspiring designs, from the ideas to the concept, the wardrobes define global trends. Individual spaces require unique and fascinating designs.


Indulge in luxury with Maximo, a spacious and exquisite Openable wardrobe by Veneto. Maximo offers the perfect blend of style and functionality allowing you to maximise every square inch while giving your room an extravagant feel. With the style and functionality that Veneto offers, our Maximo openable wardrobes has a modern design that gives you the freedom of storage without compromising on style or luxury.
Epitomizing the magic of contemporary designs; serenely simple, storage that is functional and stylish, displaying precision and detailing to the maximum. There is nothing more satisfying than transforming a space with innovative products, through iconic series of wardrobes.
Classic designs are always welcoming and give a rich look. Creating wardrobes with lifestyle and culture are two contrasting styles that balance and harmonize. Designed to create a distinct impression – an exquisite design, contemporary living has never looked so good!


RIC is a modern openable wardrobe for your storage that adds a touch of elegance & class to your bedroom. Designed using the best materials, exquisite colors, and a beautiful glass door, RIC blends in perfectly with your bedroom’s aesthetic & complements your clothing collection like no other. We at Veneto created RIC to offer a spacious and functional wardrobe solution that offers a luxurious display of your style and creativity.
Aluminum frame glass cabinet doors are in-vogue additions to your residential or commercial interior. Be it kitchen cabinet doors, office furniture doors or wardrobe closet storage. The aluminum door frame features integrated handles and innate grove for handles with a slim profile for top and bottom of the door to make the door more attractive.


The concept of carving out a sanctuary in your space helps you unwind sophistication. A cozy built-in shelf anchored by a grip door that adds on practical designing. This modern styled decor is functional and sleek. The door panels match any architectural requirement.


Combining the efficiencies of space transformation with quality of craftsmanship and contemporary styles encompass a range of versatile pieces of furniture. Neutral shades emanate a more relaxing vibe with a glamorous touch of gold running right up to the top -luxury timelessly redefined.
Discover elegance designed by a team who do not compromise. The palatial handles at it’s finest on wardrobes that channel sophistication. The combination of elegance and style, gives your room their of a contemporary opulence – unparalleled lifestyle.
Designed to offer cabinets that look timeless and ages beautifully. A clutter-free and fluid interiors is sure to inspire the Zen in you. This glass-door cabinet combines the artistic brilliances of craft and stylish finesse of display.
Suave, impressive and distinctive wardrobes, that fit into a genre of its own. A collection of striking and unique furniture -that top off every room with contemporary styles that embrace elegance. Simple designs are effortlessly stylish, complementing your calm oasis perfectly.

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Simplify Storage With Our 3 Door Wardrobe in Premium Finishes 

When you start thinking about the design for the bedroom, you find yourself thinking about the wardrobe. You want the wardrobe to match your style and your way of being. Having someone to guide you in the process will help in the creation of your closet. We help you fully utilize your space with our 3 door wardrobe design. 

Our 3 door wardrobe is a versatile and essential piece of furniture that combines functionality with style, offering ample storage space while complementing your bedroom decor. From furniture to accessories: with Veneto, nothing is ever left to chance for a home that fully reflects your personality.

Types Of Practical 3 Door Wardrobe Designs At Veneto

When selecting a 3 door wardrobe, consider the various types available that cater to different needs and space requirements:

– Traditional 3 Door Wardrobe Designs: 

Veneto’s traditional 3 door wardrobes blend generous storage capacity with timeless design. Featuring classic hinged doors like in our open wardrobe designs, 3 door wardrobe is available in various materials and finishes that seamlessly integrate with your bedroom’s aesthetic.

– 3 Door Sliding Wardrobe:

Ideal for optimizing space, Veneto’s sliding door wardrobes feature effortless gliding mechanisms that run smoothly along tracks. Explore these options:

– 3 Door Sliding Wardrobe Design:

Contemporary designs that maximize floor space while providing convenient access to your clothing and accessories.

– 3 Door Sliding Wardrobe with Loft:

Enhance storage efficiency with overhead compartments of 3 door sliding wardrobe with loft, perfect for organizing seasonal items or less frequently used belongings.

Quality and high-end design are the words that best describe every 3 door wardrobe from Veneto. Through our sliding wardrobe designs catalogue, you will be able to choose the most suitable 3 door sliding wardrobe design that is functional and has the ideal composition for your needs. 

Finishes and Materials For Modern Luxury 3 Door Wardrobe Designs

3 door wardrobes are available in a variety of finishes and materials, ensuring they blend seamlessly with your interior design:

– 3 door wardrobe with Wood Finishes:

Our high-grade wood options for the 3 door wooden wardrobe offer a warm, traditional look.

– 3 door wardrobe with High Gloss Finishes:

Modern and sleek, these finishes add a contemporary touch to your bedroom.

– 3 door almirah with Mirrored Finishes:

Our 3 door cupboard with mirrored doors can visually expand your space while offering functional full-length mirrors.

In our vast catalogue, we present 3 door wardrobe design with a high degree of customisation with unique characteristics like finishes and luxury materials. 

Customization Options For 3 Door Wardrobe Designs at Veneto

At Veneto, customization empowers you to design a wardrobe that perfectly aligns with your preferences and storage requirements. Our bespoke solutions ensure that your 3 door wardrobe is not only functional but also a stylish addition to your home.

Interior Layout of 3 Door Wardrobe Designs

Customize the interior of your 3 door wardrobe to suit your organizational needs. Options include:

– Adjustable Shelves in 3 door wardrobe:

Modify the height and number of shelves to store different types of clothing and accessories in your 3 door cupboard.

– Drawers in 3 Door Wardrobe:

Incorporate drawers of various sizes for neatly organizing smaller items within your 3 door almirah.

– Hanging Rods in 3 Door Wardrobe:

Add or adjust hanging rods to accommodate long dresses, suits, and other garments.

Door Styles of 3 Door Wardrobe Designs

Choose the door style of 3 door wardrobe that best fits your space and accessibility needs:

– Hinged Doors for 3 Door Wardrobe Designs:

Classic and elegant, hinged doors are perfect for traditional and spacious bedrooms, such as in a 3 door wooden wardrobe or a 3 door wardrobe with mirror.

– Sliding Doors for 3 Door Wardrobe Designs:

Modern and space-saving sliding doors provide easy access without taking up additional room. Options include three door sliding wardrobes and 3 door sliding wardrobes with lofts for added storage.

Explore Modern 3 Door Wardrobe Designs At Veneto 

Explore Veneto’s exquisite range of modern 3 door wardrobe designs, where each system is crafted to perfection. Create a sophisticated home with our wardrobe solutions, blending luxury, practicality, and innovation.

ZEUS 3 Door Wardrobe

Discover the ZEUS 3 door sliding wardrobe, a masterpiece of luxury and practicality. With an 80 kg door weight capacity and a two-way soft close, this system ensures smooth, silent operation. Accommodating 4 mm glass and 10 mm decorative panels, ZEUS offers versatile design choices in Brush Gold, Bronze, Brush Iron Grey, and Matt Black finishes. Available as three door sliding wardrobes, ZEUS provides endless possibilities for refined home arrangements.

ARES 3 Door Wardrobe

The ARES three door sliding wardrobe exemplifies luxury and innovation. With a maximum door height of 3000 mm and a door weight capacity of 80 kg, it features a robust two-way soft-close sliding mechanism. Available in Matt Black and Mocha finishes, ARES supports 5 mm glass panels. Its aluminium frame and revolutionary sliding system ensure seamless operation. Available in three-door kits, ARES transforms any walk in wardrobe into an elegant haven.

FIA 3 Door Wardrobe

FIA offers a sophisticated 3 door sliding wardrobe design crafted with Turkish excellence. With an 80 kg door weight capacity and a two-way soft close feature, it supports 4 mm and 6 mm glass and 10 mm decorative panels. Available finishes include Aluminum, Matt Black, Bronze, and Rose Gold. The FIA wardrobe configurations provide unparalleled practical and stylish home arrangements.

UGO 3 Door Wardrobe

The UGO 3 door wardrobe with mirror is tailored to your specifications, offering a bespoke solution for your storage needs. Featuring air hinges and finishes in Matt Black and Brush Gold, UGO exudes modern sophistication, elevating any space with its sleek design and luxurious craftsmanship.

VITO 3 Door Wardrobe

The VITO wardrobe system is the ultimate in luxury. Each component, from top to bottom track, is available in smooth Matt Black and Luxurious Gold finishes. This 3 door wooden wardrobe system transforms any space into a sanctuary of elegance, offering unparalleled style and functionality.

Additional Customisable Features Available With 3 Door Wardrobe Designs

Enhance the functionality and convenience of your 3 door wardrobe with these additional features:

– Built-in Lighting:

Integrated lighting solutions to illuminate your wardrobe’s interior, making it easier to find what you need in your 3 door almirah or 3 door sliding wardrobe.

– Soft-Close Mechanisms:

Ensure quiet and smooth closing of doors and drawers, adding a touch of luxury to your three door sliding wardrobe.

– Integrated Storage Solutions:

Specialized compartments for shoes, belts, ties, and other accessories, keeping everything organized and within reach in your 3 door cupboard.

At Veneto, our customization options are designed to create a wardrobe that not only meets your practical needs but also complements your personal style and home decor. Whether you’re looking for a 3 door wooden wardrobe, a 3 door wardrobe with mirror, or a sleek three door sliding wardrobe, we have the perfect solution for you.

Why Choose Veneto To Customize 3 Door Wardrobe Designs 

Discover why we are the best choice to get your 3 door wardrobe designs customized: 

– Unmatched Customization:

Indulge in an unparalleled customization experience with design inspirations from our exquisite sliding wardrobe designs catalogue. Let your vision shape our craftsmanship, tailoring every aspect—from dimensions to finishes—to ensure a perfect match for your space.

– Premium Quality:

Our commitment to quality is uncompromising. We select only the finest materials and employ meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring modular wardrobe in Mumbai are built to endure and impress.

– Expert Design Consultation:

Transform your dream sliding wardrobe into reality with our expert design consultation. Our team, inspired by our master bedroom design catalogue, will guide you through each step, ensuring seamless integration with your bedroom’s décor.

– Personalized Service:

From the initial consultation to the final installation, our dedicated team provides personalized service, ensuring your experience with Veneto is nothing short of exceptional.

Your Ideal Partner For Designing High-End 3 Door Wardrobe 

Transform your living space with Veneto, the exclusive furniture showroom offering high-end furniture and comprehensive services. Whether you’re looking to design, renovate, furnish, or optimize wardrobes and interior spaces, we are your ideal partner. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and start creating the 3 door wardrobe you’ve always dreamed of. Your perfect home awaits with Veneto.


What warranty do you provide for Veneto’s 3 door wardrobes?

We provide a comprehensive warranty on our 3 door wardrobes, covering manufacturing defects and ensuring peace of mind for our customers. Details of the warranty coverage will be provided along with your purchase. 

Are Veneto’s 3 door wardrobes delivered fully assembled?

Yes, we offer delivery and assembly services for your convenience. Our professional installation team ensures that your 3 door wardrobe is assembled correctly and ready for use, providing a hassle-free experience for our customers.

What is the approximate 3 door wardrobe price range at Veneto?

The price of our 3 door wardrobe designs varies based on factors such as size, design complexity, materials chosen, and any additional customizations. For more details on our 3 door wardrobe price range, please contact our sales team or visit our showroom to explore the options available. 

What materials are used for Veneto’s 3 door wardrobe designs?

Our 3 door wardrobe designs are crafted from high-quality materials such as durable wood, engineered wood, and premium finishes to ensure longevity and aesthetic appeal. We prioritize craftsmanship and durability in every wardrobe we create.

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