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Masterfully managing your area after a scrupulous crafting a rimless and installation, optimize every square-inch in your room. Creating a base for beautiful storage. Our passion is about your space is efficient.
The lifestyle of storage begins with being passionate about making your space usable. Crafting and designing with enthusiasm and a wide spectrum of knowledge and talent in installation. Every closet transform spaces into everyday lives.


Innovative and power of good design optimizes your personal space. Custom made wardrobes create a melange of soft-colored palette or a high glossed surface with rich textured detail, transforming into a classic style.
Infusing beauty while the organization and adding functionality to any bedroom. Classically styled with modern-day functionality, slim doors offer a high-end custom finish. The stylish setup provides a unique lifestyle.
Unfurling our creativity with beautifully designed furniture that is as unique as your space, with dimensions, colors, materials, and finishes designed to your heart’s content. Trendy and sleek yet spacious crafts, that let our artistic streak do the talking.
Smart finish with ultimate functionality and modernity, Ares beautifully balances space and storage. Adding classiness to the front livens up the whole design and the interiors of the room. Essential storage spaces to perfectly organize your shades and colors.


Unfurling our creativity with beautifully designed furniture that is as unique as your space, with dimensions, colors, materials, and finishes designed to your heart’s content. Trendy and sleek yet spacious crafts, that let our artistic streak do the talking.


Build a modern blend of elegance and functionality with Veneto’s UGO sliding door wardrobe. UGOs exceptional design brings out the true aesthetic of your room with its unique luxurious and contemporary style..
A stylish alternative to traditional wardrobe designs for flexible storage systems. A collection that provide stunning designs with a high quality stylish finish and extravagant details that create a feeling of opulence and luxury.
Concealed sliding handles is a great classic that has always been ideal for style and practicality. Recreating a beautiful wardrobe with sophistication and quality can impeccably integrate cabinetry solutions to maximize storage space.
Synonymous with luxury and grandeur, born from experience and executing excellence, we transform designs by turning storage to an aesthetical solution. The perpendicular lines highlight the design feature, combining unique finishes that contributes to one’s style.

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Discover a bedroom wardrobe design catalogue featuring the latest trends.

With the escalating storage demands, homeowners look up for a sliding wardrobe door to organise everything in an opulent manner. Opting for a wardrobe sliding door design for the bedroom is practical and aesthetically pleasing. A Sliding door wardrobe has revolutionized storage needs because of the space-saving it provides. A Bedroom sliding door wardrobe tends to be large, with more space for your items. Sliding wardrobe designs bedroom make your room feel spacious and give a sophisticated appearance. A sliding wardrobe adds class and elegance to a bedroom like no other wardrobe style. This modern wardrobe style works well with modern and sophisticated interiors.

Sliding wardrobes have a design that is aesthetically pleasing and can add a modern touch to any room. They come in a variety of designs and finishes, making it easy to match with any bedroom decor.

Redesign your bedroom with our unique sliding wardrobe designs catalog

Our master bedroom wardrobe design is flawless and functional that cohesively works with the elements of your bedroom. Our team carefully measures and builds your sliding wardrobe, which gives you ample storage space and an elegant vibe. 

Veneto’s bedroom design for the wardrobe is thoughtfully customized to meet your lifestyle and storage requirements. Our bespoke sliding wardrobe will blend with your bedroom décor and allure in all dimensions: from easy opening and effortless running action to soft closing. You will experience luxury with the eye-pleasing exterior and a spacious interior that epitomizes creativity and brilliant workmanship in your wardrobe.

Upgrade your master bedroom storage with modern designs

Through our sliding design wardrobe catalogue, you can choose your wardrobe style in modern, rustic and trend-led colors and finishes, with a broad range of storage options depending on your needs. Whether you’re searching for glass wardrobe doors, mirrored wardrobe doors, or a panelled design, you’ll find modern bedroom wardrobe style at Veneto. Veneto’s sliding wardrobe doors are easy to install, practical to use, and require minimal upkeep like our openable wardrobe design.

Bedroom wardrobe design catalogue offering the perfect custom solutions for sliding wardrobe

Bedrooms are the home’s sanctuary, providing a lovely, calm, and serene refuge; and Veneto’s custom sliding wardrobe is created with these goals in mind. Our Cronos storage solution is a two-way soft close system that offers versatility in design with the option to use 4mm glass or 10mm decorative panels. It is available in matt black and bronze finishes and the design comes in two or three-door options. With this bedroom wardrobe system, there are endless possibilities for practical storage arrangements at home. 

The Uranus wardrobe system in our catalogue has a maximum door weight capacity of 80 kg and includes a two-way soft close feature. The cupboard allows for the use of 4mm glass or 10mm decorative panels and comes with a lock option. Our Helios design is equipped with a two-way soft close feature and can handle a maximum door weight capacity of 80 kg. The wardrobe allows for the use of 4mm glass or 10mm decorative panels and comes with a lock option. Our storage solution is available in matt black and bronze finishes and in two or three-door options.

ZEUS is a bedroom cupboard design that is both beautiful and useful. With a traditional appearance and modern functionality, its slim doors give a high-end, personalized finish. The maximum weight capacity of this modern wardrobe door is 80 kg, and the two-way soft shut adds convenience. Zeus storage system is available in brush gold, bronze, brush iron gray, and matt black finishes and may be made with 4mm glass or 10mm ornamental panels. Its elegant design gives your room a distinctive appeal and enriches any bedroom’s beauty.

Oria is on our wardrobe design catalogue that has a maximum door weight capability of 80 kg, providing sturdiness and endurance. We also have a two-way soft shut feature included in our design that improves the wardrobe’s convenience and usefulness. The cupboard is made to fit 18mm plywood, which is a sturdy and dependable material for storage solutions. Veneto’s FIA is a stylish and functional storage design featured in our bedroom wardrobe design catalog pdf, with modular and sliding doors that provide accessibility and elegance. A Modular wardrobe in Mumbai from Veneto has all the stylish features to transform your bedroom with unique wardrobes.

How to design your wardrobe with Veneto’s latest sliding wardrobe designs catalog?

Our wardrobe design catalog provides you with inspiration, ideas, and options to help you design your ideal wardrobe. Our catalog showcases a variety of sliding wardrobe designs, ranging from traditional to modern, that can give you an idea of what styles and features are available.

Our detailed bedroom design wardrobe catalog includes information on the materials used in the wardrobe designs, such as the type of wood or the finish of the wardrobe. The information can help you choose the right materials for your own wardrobe design, based on your preferences and budget. 

Our catalogue provides color possibilities, which assist you in deciding what shade or finish you want for your wardrobe. You can also observe how different colors and finishes influence the overall appearance and feel of the wardrobe design.

Other details related to tge shelves, drawers, and hanging space are available in the catalogue, which guides you in planning the internal arrangement of your wardrobe. You can see how various elements may be implemented into a sliding wardrobe design and how they might impact its functionality.

Veneto’s catalogue is a valuable resource to help you with walk in wardrobe designs in India as we provide you with the latest ideas and inspirations. 

Why buy a wardrobe from Veneto’s bedroom wardrobe design catalogue?

Choosing to customize a wardrobe from Veneto’s bedroom wardrobe design catalogue has various advantages over purchasing a ready-made, off-the-shelf wardrobe. Customisation is an essential reason to get your wardrobe made at Veneto, since it allows you to state your individual demands and tastes to our designers. You may customize the wardrobe’s size, style, color, and finish to match your bedroom decor and storage demands.

You can design the interior of your bespoke wardrobe to match your individual storage demands. You can specify the number of shelves, drawers, and hanging rods you want, as well as the spacing and size of each component to accommodate your clothing and accessories in the design.

When you customize a wardrobe from Veneto’s catalogue, you get the option to select high-quality materials that match your unique needs. You can select the best type of wood, finish, and hardware for your bedroom cupboard design. With our expert guidance, you can select from various wardrobes and wooden shelves design options to complete the look of your bedroom.

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