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Setting the tone for a room by creating a sense of styling the essentials systematically, the ultimate style experience. The varied needs and styles of self-expression and sophistication enable continuous strife in unique designs.
Exclusively designed in a transitional contemporary aesthetic, which is a fusion between modern and classiness. A perfect combination of premium finishes and glass elegance. Experience stylishness that comes in with a unique lifestyle in every room.


Framed in glass, this room partition is designed so as to flood the foyer with light and aesthetically open up your spacE.
Flaunt your creativity and style with a thoughtful and practical collection of designs and materials. Our designs add a touch of modernity to your room with our professional interior designers that create a unique aesthetic.
With an eye for detail and an intention to impress; a beauty and refinement of a charismatic design. Trending styles that surround with panache, partitions carefully designed with authentic architectural style in mind, handcrafted for the elite.


Dive into the elegance of open wide doors, combined with all modern benefits. Making a lasting impression, the brawn and beauty withstands every element of strength, versatility and ease. Right from aesthetics to a royal vibe, the room has a distinct personality.
Carefully outlined modern-day designs, these doors strive to create masterpieces. Meticulously planned and exquisitely designed doors in our state-of-art design studio, displaying unique grandeur. The in-trend styled door slider with transparent panels can be combined with any interior.
A true reflection of your home decor, inspiring lifestyle and luxury living. We are committed to delivering quality sliding doors with style and highest quality craftsmanship. The versatile carpenters pride in providing artisanal in its execution through an unswerving passion.
Crafted to rediscover an elegant lifestyle with defined spaces, this is a unique reflection of creativity. A subtle split level offers a deliberate and detailing to the residence or office. The spaced out diagonal lines brings in light, which is positive and pleasing to the eyes.
Our goal is to provide a product that adds to your perfect surrounding. We strive to furnish beautifully designed doors in a variety of exquisite styles to achieve your desired aesthetics. Offering not only a beautiful ambiance to your residential and commercial space.
Durable, quality, reliability – most of all architecturally meticulous – a perfect balance of beauty and contemporary. Walk through aesthetically designed foldable doors into a space that is significantly larger, ensuring fine artistry, elegant styling and precision.

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Transform Your Spaces with Our Glass Partition Design

Custom living room glass partition designs are becoming increasingly popular in modern layouts. They offer a perfect blend of functionality and style. These versatile glass partition designs help manage space efficiently and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living room, creating a unique ambiance.

Our range of glass partition designs at Veneto is a cut above the rest, allowing you to spruce up any space with a style that aligns perfectly with your taste. Explore our diverse collection to find the glass partition design that resonates with your vision of a stylish and functional living area.

Make the Most of Your Living Room Space with Our Glass Partition Design

Our glass partition design living room solutions offer many benefits, enhancing functionality and aesthetics. These designs transform spaces by seamlessly blending openness, elegance, and practicality. Whether optimizing natural light, creating distinct zones, or adding a modern touch, our glass partition design elevates your living space. The versatility and advantages of these designs make them the ideal choice for those seeking a stylish and practical solution for their homes.

Enhance Space Efficiency with Our Sliding Door Systems

Explore the varied sliding door systems customized at Veneto to complement our glass partition designs:

– Single Sliding Door System:

Designed to save space and enhance aesthetics, this mechanism slides seamlessly along the wall, eliminating the need for traditional swinging doors. Perfect for areas where space is premium, it integrates beautifully with our glass partition design living room solutions.

– Telescopic Door System:

Our Telescopic Door mechanism offers sleek and efficient operation. This system allows multiple panels to slide and stack neatly behind each other, maximizing space utilization without compromising style. It’s an ideal match for our modern office glass partition design.

– Synchro System:

Combining functionality and style, our Synchro System allows multiple doors to open and close in unison with smooth, synchronized movement. This system enhances the efficiency and harmony of any space and fits perfectly with our glass partition wall design.

Different Door Closing Mechanisms in Our Glass Partitions for the Living Room

Explore the various door-closing mechanisms in our glass partition design for living rooms, each crafted to enhance style and functionality.

– Two-Way Soft Close Mechanism:

This mechanism ensures gentle, quiet door closing from both directions, enhancing the elegance of your living room and reducing wear and tear. Ideal for glass wall design for living room setups.

– One-Way Soft Close Mechanism:

This feature offers a controlled, silent door closing from one direction, perfect for maintaining a sleek and sophisticated living room ambiance. It complements any glass partition design.

Discover the Different Styles of Glass Partition Designs for Living Room

Uncover a range of glass partition design for living rooms and wooden shelves designs from our collection that cater to diverse aesthetic preferences and spatial needs..

– Framed Glass Partitions:

Our framed glass partition designs for living room offer a classic, sturdy design that combines strength with elegance. The frames, available in various finishes, provide structural support and a defined look, making them perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your living room.

– Frameless Glass Partitions:

For a sleek, contemporary look, our frameless glass partition design for living room is the ideal choice. These designs create an open, airy feel by eliminating visible frames, allowing for uninterrupted views and maximizing natural light. Perfect for modern living spaces, the minimalist design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, making your living room appear more spacious and connected.

Designer Glass Partition: Enhance Style and Functionality

Our glass partition designs for living rooms are tailored to elevate your space, offering a perfect blend of style and practicality.

Designer glass partitions offer the perfect blend of style and functionality, making them a standout choice for any interior. These partitions are crafted to not only divide spaces but also to add a unique aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re looking for a modern touch or a classic feel, our designer glass partition options cater to every taste.

With designer glass partitions, you can create distinct zones in your home or office without sacrificing natural light or the sense of openness. Our designs are tailored to fit seamlessly into your existing decor, providing beauty and practicality. Discover how our designer glass partition can transform your space into a work of art.

Glass Partition Wall Design: Modern Solutions for Elegant Interiors

Our glass partition wall design solutions are perfect for creating elegant and functional spaces. These designs are not just about dividing rooms; they enhance the overall decor by adding a sophisticated touch. The glass partition wall design can be customized to suit any living room, office, or commercial space.

At Veneto, we offer a variety of glass partition wall designs that incorporate the latest trends and technologies. These partitions are ideal for modern interiors, providing privacy and an open feel. Explore our glass partition wall design options to find the perfect balance between style and utility for your space.

Glass Partition for Drawing Room: Creating Distinctive Spaces

A glass partition for drawing room is an excellent way to create distinct zones while maintaining an open and airy feel. These partitions allow for the flow of natural light and can be customized to fit the aesthetic of your home. Our glass partition for drawing room designs are perfect for those looking to add a touch of modern elegance to their living spaces.

With a glass partition for drawing room, you can balance functionality and style. These partitions are designed to blend seamlessly with your existing decor, offering both visual appeal and practical benefits. Enhance your drawing room with a glass partition that reflects your unique taste and lifestyle.

Choose Glass Partition Designs with Opulent Finishes

Classic Finishes

Matt Black:

A timeless finish that adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to your space. Our matt black glass partition for living room blends well with both contemporary and traditional interiors, offering a sleek and elegant look.


This warm, metallic finish adds a luxurious and elegant touch to our designer glass partitions. It complements a variety of color schemes and styles, giving your space a rich and inviting feel.

Premium Finishes

Brush Gold:

This finish exudes luxury and opulence, adding a glamorous touch to your room partitions. The brushed texture enhances its visual appeal, making it a stunning choice for upscale interiors.

Rose Gold:

A trendy and stylish finish that adds a soft, romantic glow to your room partitions. It brings warmth and elegance to your space, creating a chic and inviting ambiance.


Glass partition designs for living room have become the transformative key piece in modern spaces today and are highly functional. Here are some options for glass partition designs for living room available, especially at Veneto, to consider for your modern home:


Enhances the room’s style quotient with a penchant for distinctive designs. VENTI’s glass partition design provides an adaptable background for personal expression.


Offers a classy divider design that perfectly combines modern style with sophistication. The high-quality finishes and glass accents create an elegant and refined atmosphere.


Optimizes light and creates a visually open atmosphere. This layout allows abundant light, giving your space a sense of openness and making it an excellent option for a light and airy atmosphere.


A well-considered and valuable selection that fuses elegance and ingenuity. NINO’s glass partition for drawing room is ideal for those who value luxury and modern aesthetics.

Customization Options for Glass Partition Designs

Explore our impressive customization options for glass partition designs:

Inbuilt Fingerprint Lock and Sensor:

Ensure privacy and security with an inbuilt fingerprint lock and sensor system, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Auto Magnetic System:

Our auto magnetic system offers effortless opening and closing and is convenient and easy to use.

Spaces to Use Designer Glass Partition in Your Residence

Discover creative ways to incorporate designer glass partitions in your residence:

– Open Concept Living Room:

Use our designer glass partition for drawing room to divide open spaces like living and dining areas. This maintains an airy feel while creating distinct zones for different activities.

– Home Office:

Create a separate workspace within a larger room using our designer glass partition. This provides privacy for work without sacrificing natural light or the room’s open feel, making it ideal for modern office glass partition design.

– Walk-In Closet:

Use Veneto’s designer glass partitions to section off a walk-in closet, adding a touch of luxury while keeping your clothes and accessories on display.

– Shower Enclosure:

In bathrooms, glass partitions can be used to create sleek and modern shower enclosures, enhancing the space’s overall aesthetic.

– Playroom Division:

Use glass partition in hall to separate a dedicated play area within a larger hall, allowing kids to play freely while keeping the space visually connected to the rest of the room.

– Modern Office:

Incorporate a modern office glass partition design to establish private office spaces within larger, open-plan settings. This is particularly beneficial for home offices or professional environments where a balance between privacy and openness is essential. To add a touch of warmth and tradition, you can integrate a wooden partition design for office alongside glass elements, creating a harmonious blend of contemporary and classic styles.

Why Choose Veneto’s Glass Partition Designs

Discover the reasons to choose Veneto’s glass partition designs for your space:

– Elegant Aesthetics:

Veneto offers modern, sleek designs that will create a sophisticated look for your living room or hall.

– Customization Options:

Our finishes for room partitions are similar to our modular wardrobe in Mumbai, like Matt Black, Bronze, Brush Gold, and Rose Gold, allowing you to tailor the glass partition design to your style.

– Installation and Delivery Services:

We offer hassle-free installation and timely delivery services, ensuring a smooth experience.

– Design Consultations:

At Veneto, we provide expert advice to help you choose the perfect glass partition design for your living room or hall, ensuring that it complements your space perfectly.

Create Spacious Living Rooms with Glass Partition for Living Room from Veneto

Ready to enhance your living room? Veneto’s glass partition designs for living room offer style, functionality, and durability. Contact us now for a consultation and elevate your space with our expert craftsmanship.


Are Veneto’s glass partition designs suitable for residential and commercial spaces?

Yes, Veneto’s glass partition designs are incredibly versatile and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of both residential and commercial spaces. Whether you need a stylish glass partition design for a home living room or a modern office glass partition design, we offer customizable solutions to enhance any environment.

What are the design options available for glass partitions in halls?

Our glass partition designs for halls feature a wide array of options, including both framed and frameless styles. You can choose from finishes like Matt Black, Bronze, Brush Gold, and Rose Gold to complement your décor. Additionally, our glass wall design for living rooms can be adapted to create stunning focal points or functional divisions in larger spaces.

Does Veneto’s glass partition design provide sound insulation?

Yes, designer glass partitions can provide sound insulation. The level of sound reduction depends on factors such as the thickness of the glass and the specific glass partition design. For improved sound insulation, consider our double-glazed modern office glass partition designs, perfect for creating quiet and productive work environments.

Can Veneto’s glass partition designs be used to create a home office space?

Absolutely! Our glass partition designs are perfect for creating a dedicated home office space. They provide a stylish and practical solution to separate your work area while maintaining a sense of openness. Our modern office glass partition designs also add a contemporary touch, making your home office functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Can glass partition designs be used in wet areas like bathrooms?

Yes, our specially treated glass partition designs are ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms. They offer excellent durability and moisture resistance. Whether you’re looking to enhance your bathroom with sleek glass partition designs or considering a wooden glass partition design for added warmth, our solutions can withstand the challenges of humid environments.

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