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Setting the tone for a room by creating a sense of styling the essentials systematically, the ultimate style experience. The varied needs and styles of self-expression and sophistication enable continuous strife in unique designs.
Exclusively designed in a transitional contemporary aesthetic, which is a fusion between modern and classiness. A perfect combination of premium finishes and glass elegance. Experience stylishness that comes in with a unique lifestyle in every room.


Framed in glass, this room partition is designed so as to flood the foyer with light and aesthetically open up your spacE.
Flaunt your creativity and style with a thoughtful and practical collection of designs and materials. Our designs add a touch of modernity to your room with our professional interior designers that create a unique aesthetic.
With an eye for detail and an intention to impress; a beauty and refinement of a charismatic design. Trending styles that surround with panache, partitions carefully designed with authentic architectural style in mind, handcrafted for the elite.


Dive into the elegance of open wide doors, combined with all modern benefits. Making a lasting impression, the brawn and beauty withstands every element of strength, versatility and ease. Right from aesthetics to a royal vibe, the room has a distinct personality.
Carefully outlined modern-day designs, these doors strive to create masterpieces. Meticulously planned and exquisitely designed doors in our state-of-art design studio, displaying unique grandeur. The in-trend styled door slider with transparent panels can be combined with any interior.
A true reflection of your home decor, inspiring lifestyle and luxury living. We are committed to delivering quality sliding doors with style and highest quality craftsmanship. The versatile carpenters pride in providing artisanal in its execution through an unswerving passion.
Crafted to rediscover an elegant lifestyle with defined spaces, this is a unique reflection of creativity. A subtle split level offers a deliberate and detailing to the residence or office. The spaced out diagonal lines brings in light, which is positive and pleasing to the eyes.
Our goal is to provide a product that adds to your perfect surrounding. We strive to furnish beautifully designed doors in a variety of exquisite styles to achieve your desired aesthetics. Offering not only a beautiful ambiance to your residential and commercial space.
Durable, quality, reliability – most of all architecturally meticulous – a perfect balance of beauty and contemporary. Walk through aesthetically designed foldable doors into a space that is significantly larger, ensuring fine artistry, elegant styling and precision.

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Glass partitions have become increasingly popular in modern homes due to their versatile functionality and aesthetic appeal. They provide a sophisticated way to partition your space while maintaining natural light and an open sense. A Room partition allows you to create smaller quarters or open up your living space while keeping privacy.

Consider installing a room partition between your kitchen and dining area to create a magnificent feature in your house. Our partition design offers a sense of elegance while also enabling natural light to flow across the space. Room dividers may also be used to create a playroom or homework space for children, allowing you to keep an eye on them without feeling cut off from the rest of the house.

A Glass partition design surrounding indoor pools or hot tubs may provide an unrivaled sense of relaxation and refinement for those looking for a premium touch. You may also modify your glass partition design by selecting the glass thickness, detail, form, size, and other options, allowing you to create a really one-of-a-kind and customized addition to your house.

Living room partitions can be built to fulfill a variety of functions, such as providing seclusion in an open-plan living area or establishing a dedicated workstation in a home office. A Room partition may also be utilized to lend an air of elegance and flair to any space in the house. Our glass partition wall design, for example, can be used to create a trendy and futuristic aesthetic, that also lends a warm and inviting sense to the living room.

Veneto’s AER  living room partition boosts the usefulness of space by allowing numerous activities to take place simultaneously without interruption. A living room partition, for example, provides a space for children to play while parents watch television or entertain visitors.

For their aesthetic appeal and utility, a washroom glass partition is a common design element in luxury houses. Partitions living ideas provide a sleek and modern appearance while also offering privacy and distinction between the various parts of the bathroom. Glass partitions can be utilized to separate the space into distinct regions, such as a shower enclosure or a toilet area while maintaining the room’s open atmosphere.

The positives of adding a glass partition into business buildings go well beyond simply providing a professional and open environment. Our office glass door design has become increasingly popular in modern offices, because it decreases noise levels, improves productivity, and minimizes distractions at offices allowing employees to focus on work.

Installing a home glass partition is an excellent option to provide extra space and functionality to your open plans. A Glass room divider is a unique way to make the room seem clean and tidy. Our Venti room partition is a soft close system, made in Turkey. Our Living room glass partition designs in Indian homes have a door capacity of 120kgs and a maximum height of 3000mm. Our Venti living room partition is available in matt black and brush gold finish with a lock to secure your spaces.

Our AER partition design with glass is uniquely designed as a sliding door with an aluminum frame profile and has a maximum weight capacity of 80 kgs. The room divider measures H2900 x W800 to 1220mm and include a two-way soft closing mechanism. The partition design is made to hold 8 mm glass and may be used with either a stick-on grid or an integrated grid for a more finished look. This sliding door is commonly used as a living room partition and comes in a matt black finish.

The Leon room partition from Veneto is a pocket slide door system that is a push-to-open sliding door with a maximum door weight of 80kg. The glass room partition has a one-way soft close mechanism and requires a minimum door width of 520mm. This partition sliding door system comes in a variety of finishes, including matt black, bronze, brush gold, and rose gold.

Depending on the layout, the partition design Maglev auto magnetic system may sustain a maximum door weight of either 80kg or 150kg. The glass partition design comes in three variations: single door, telescoping door, and synchro system. Also, the partition includes an embedded fingerprint lock and sensor for further security.

The Aria is glass partition design living room has a maximum weight capacity of 60 or 120 kg. The room partition has a door that is equipped with a one-way or two-way soft closing system, made in Turkey. The living room partition can be used as a single fix door or as a sliding door, with a maximum height of 3000mm. The glass partition wall design door is available in three finishes: matt black, SS, and brush grey. To enhance the partition designs, you can use a stick-on grid or an integrated grid. The Aria living room partition has a corner profile and is available for L corner solution, and the aluminum profile is suitable for 8mm glass. This door can be used in walk-in closets, living room, hall partitions, and other similar areas. Veneto also offers a modular wardrobe in Mumbai, to complete your luxury home with the best of the interiors.

The glass used in the partition should be of good quality, long-lasting, and resistant to severe use. In addition, the glass partition should be scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The partition design should be aesthetically pleasing and compliment the overall decor of your space. The room divider should also be practical and suit the purpose intended. 

The glass room divider from Veneto should be secure and provide adequate privacy for the space. The glass partition should also be equipped with safety features such as locks and fingerprint sensors for a secure space. Bathroom shower glass partition should be easy to maintain and clean. As the partitions in the bathroom area attract more grime, thus requiring gentle cleaning products. We also state the maintenance guidelines for each partition after installation.

Our team is focused on creating and delivering premium-quality room partitions. We listen to the needs of our clients and adapt to the requirements of every project ensuring we advise the right glass partition wall design for you. Veneto offers a 360-degree from design consultation to installation; our designers and craftsmen will offer their advice on the design and requirements of glass. 

We believe in devoting money and time to our treasured assets so our customers receive the best glass room divider and services. Our design consultants visit you with samples, photographs, and some incredible living ideas to design your room partition to help you choose the right product. Once your glass partition design is finalized, our expert craftsmen create partitions that are second to none. After the enclosures are made, our installation team takes over. We are committed to customer service and we stand by our products like wooden shelves design, sliding wardrobes, and openable wardrobe.