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Room Partitions

This category includes Synchro System (vesta) and Telescopic Sliding System (Venti), AER, Nino, Leon, Maglev, Elena, Apollo, Aria, Italus, Arreda Series


Our team consist of experts with proficiency and exceptional knowledge


We always fulfill every promise made to our customers.


Our consultants will always consult you in every step during the decision making.


Our goal is to provide best services with affordable prices.


Setting the tone for a room by creating a sense of styling the essentials systematically, the ultimate style experience. The varied needs and styles of self-expression and sophistication enable continuous strife in unique designs.


Exclusively designed in a transitional contemporary aesthetic, which is a fusion between modern and classiness. A perfect combination of premium finishes and glass elegance. Experience stylishness that comes in with a unique lifestyle in every room.


Framed in glass, this room partition is designed so as to flood the foyer with light and aesthetically open up your spacE.


Flaunt your creativity and style with a thoughtful and practical collection of designs and materials. Our designs add a touch of modernity to your room with our professional interior designers that create a unique aesthetic.


With an eye for detail and an intention to impress; a beauty and refinement of a charismatic design. Trending styles that surround with panache, partitions carefully designed with authentic architectural style in mind, handcrafted for the elite.


Dive into the elegance of open wide doors, combined with all modern benefits. Making a lasting impression, the brawn and beauty withstands every element of strength, versatility and ease. Right from aesthetics to a royal vibe, the room has a distinct personality.


Carefully outlined modern-day designs, these doors strive to create masterpieces. Meticulously planned and exquisitely designed doors in our state-of-art design studio, displaying unique grandeur. The in-trend styled door slider with transparent panels can be combined with any interior.


A true reflection of your home decor, inspiring lifestyle and luxury living. We are committed to delivering quality sliding doors with style and highest quality craftsmanship. The versatile carpenters pride in providing artisanal in its execution through an unswerving passion.


Crafted to rediscover an elegant lifestyle with defined spaces, this is a unique reflection of creativity. A subtle split level offers a deliberate and detailing to the residence or office. The spaced out diagonal lines brings in light, which is positive and pleasing to the eyes.


Our goal is to provide a product that adds to your perfect surrounding. We strive to furnish beautifully designed doors in a variety of exquisite styles to achieve your desired aesthetics. Offering not only a beautiful ambiance to your residential and commercial space.


Durable, quality, reliability – most of all architecturally meticulous – a perfect balance of beauty and contemporary. Walk through aesthetically designed foldable doors into a space that is significantly larger, ensuring fine artistry, elegant styling and precision.


Our team consist of experts with proficiency and exceptional knowledge


We always fulfil every promise made to our customers.


Our consultants will always consult you in every step during the decision making.


Our goal is to provide best services with affordable prices.

Glass Partition For Living Room

Room Glass Partitions are playing a major role in offices and homes. That is why it needs to be customized based on the preferences of the customers. The changing demographics and talent war has inspired many employers around the world to have collaborative and amenity-rich workspaces. New-age offices are focusing on more open spaces and a collaborative work environment. To achieve this, modern glass partitions for living rooms have become the logical means.

Glass partitions have become popular in modern office designs and are used in conference rooms, office cubicles, and many similar spaces. Using a modern office glass partition offers flexibility making it the go-to for many modern workplaces. Traditional walls offer privacy but do not cater to the changing needs of modern offices. It also allows natural light to filter throughout the office which is encouraged by The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). A living room partition design provides a clean and minimal design keeping your space fresh and looking while serving its purpose.

Our glass partition design living room is light, sturdy, and available in a variety of sizes and designs that accommodate any space. With our sound-dampening dividers, you can cut down on excess room noise and increase your workspace productivity. Veneto’s living room glass divider serves an array of applications from home studios to corporate offices, we ensure to assist you with your spatial needs.

The use of a glass partition for living room is less common; however, designers are putting room partitions to work in home décor. A Glass partition for the living room creates separate spaces for the dining area and living area. Colored glass can be used to create a play area for toddlers in their room. It can also be used to separate the kitchen space from the dining space. We offer a vast selection of living room glass door design options to help you modify your lifestyle and house. Divide your rooms to manage the temperature and reduce noise between them. They may be fashioned to fit your existing décor and come in a wide range of colors and finishes.

What kind of glass is used for partitions?

A Glass Partition For Home is an internal wall that defines close-offs and restricted spaces. Room partitions are made from a variety of glass types, including:

Frosted glass:

This type of glass with an opaque surface is primarily used to reduce visibility.

Tinted glass:

This type of glass is made using standard technology but with the addition of colour. This tinting method provides a uniform shade across the entire surface while reducing reflectivity.

Clear glass:

This is one of the most common types of glass. The maximum amount of light can pass through clear glass.

What is a frameless glass partition?

The most common type of glass used in partitioning is toughened glass. This glass is toughened by heating, making it four to five times stronger and more durable than annealed glass. When a toughened glass panel breaks, it should shatter into small pieces rather than large sharp shards. As a result, it is commonly referred to as safety glass and are used to build the best glass partition for living room India.

Other types of glass partition design include:

Acoustic glass (usually laminated glass panels)

Laminated glass for added security

Fire-resistant glass (sometimes referred to as ceramic glass)

Tinted glass panels are decorative glass panels.

How thick should a glass partition be?

A modern partition for living room is made up of vertical sheets or glass alternatives installed to divide spaces or provide privacy. They are typically made of 3/8 “-1/2" thick tempered glass. To avoid damage from the elements and other impacts the window will face.

What are the types of glass partitions?

Glass partitions are commonly used in residential and commercial settings due to their ease of use, aesthetic appeal, and contemporary feel. People will benefit from having a pleasant atmosphere in which to work and live. As a result, it is commonly used in homes and offices. The following are examples of modern partition for living room and modern office glass partition:

Acoustic Glass Partitions:

Soundproofing is extremely useful in office spaces because it allows busy environments to continue without interfering with quiet ones. Acoustic separators, also known as sound absorption panels, serve as soundproofing devices. They are an excellent choice for settings that require the least amount of noise interference.

Partitions Made of Laminated Glass:

If security is a top priority, a laminated option is the best choice. It is frequently used for high-security commercial walls and dividers. Laminated type improves safety for people driving, working, and living anywhere because it is clear.

Tinted glass partitions:

This type comes in a variety of colours and is formed when a coating of metal oxide is applied to them. The tinted surface reduces heat transfer by reducing the intensity of sunlight entering the home from the outside. It also protects against UV rays, which cause fading of upholstery and other textiles.

Why choose Veneto’s Room Partitions?

Our team is focused on creating and delivering premium-quality glass partition walls for homes. We listen to the needs of our clients and adapt to the requirements of every project ensuring we advise the right products for you. Veneto helps you build the perfect Modular Wardrobe in Mumbai and offers a complete service from design consultation to installation. Our designers and craftsmen will offer their advice on the design and requirements of glass helping you select the perfect living room partition glass design.

We believe in devoting money and time to our treasured assets so our customers receive the best products and services. Our design consultants visit you with samples, photographs, and some incredible ideas to design the perfect glass door partition for living room. Once your design is finalized, our expert craftsmen create partitions that are second to none. After the enclosures are made, our installation team takes over. We are committed to customer service and we stand by our products