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The combination of a neutral shade and glass can transform a space and make it look mesmerizing. Designed on principles of simplicity, minimalism and austerity. Skillfully crafted with an attractive design, completes the interiors.


Simplifying storage with elegant and organized shelf designs. Creating modern and attractive spaces that foster innovation and creativity. From material quality to design, it’s a carefully crafted dedicated space for all your prized possessions and flaunts them in a luxurious way.


Discover a distinctive elegance through a seamless blend to every interior. The LED shelf collections for wardrobes are bespoke, designed to your specifications with modern simple designs yet striking; the designs are a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Wooden Shelves Design

Everyone’s storage requirements are unique, but Veneto can meet them all. Veneto wooden shelves Design for walls with their functional and adaptable designs are every homeowner’s dream as they elevate the appeal of your room. Display your treasures on modern and one-of-a-kind wall shelves.

Glass shelves blend well with all types of decor and are a great addition to your kitchen, bedroom, office, or living room. We design unique wall shelves that add a touch of elegance to any space without crowding it. They also give your room the illusion of increased size and depth by adding new shelves for walls or spaces inside a cabinet. You can also install attractive LED lighting to Veneto’s elegant glass and wooden shelves design that gives a truly magical appearance. Whether you want to build custom walk in wardrobe designs India or redesign your existing one, we will help you right from the planning stage.

Wooden shelves for living room help organize the space. Since they are wall-mounted, they are unobtrusive and compact which allows you to display decorative items. Living room shelves are ideal for stray books, keepsakes, small works of art, candles, or travel souvenirs. In addition to being decorative displays, Veneto’s glass and wooden shelves design aids in concealing unsightly cords, gaming systems, or other electronics

When installing kitchen shelves, the design possibilities for wooden shelves are limitless. They help you smartly showcase plate stacks, kitchenware, and seasonings, or decorate your room with artwork, cutting boards, flowers, vases, etc. In either case, shelves add an elegant touch to kitchens, especially when combined with functional storage.

Our bedroom shelves design India are perfect to display Books, small indoor plants, and decorative boxes filled with knick-knacks. Placing Wooden shelves for bedroom against your dressing table/mirror allows you to create stylish and functional bedroom arrangements. Wooden wall shelves are the ideal decorative solution when trying to smooth out awkward corners. You can fill shelves with eye-catching decor and if there’s room you can complete the decor with an accent chair and a task lamp.

Veneto’s designs are graphic and architectural, with a high level of detail and craftsmanship. Our wall shelves are made of premium-grade glass and wood. We create alluring wall shelves for living room and bedroom that endure the test of time. Our designs are graphic and architectural that is crafted with high attention to detail.

What is a good wood to build shelves?

The most common cause of droopy shelves is using the wrong type of wood in construction. Pine, plywood, cherry, and mahogany are the most commonly used for wooden shelves design. These types of wood are the most common, easy to work with, and suitable for modern as well as traditional settings.

What is the strongest shelving material?

Solid wood is an excellent shelving material and works well for bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. It’s a sturdy and elegant material used in the industry. Solid wood, although high density, can be cut and made into elegant, and durable wooden shelves for wall.

Can you have shelves without drilling?

Yes, it is possible to mount wooden shelves for wall without drilling. You will not require any power tools or screws to fasten the wooden shelf. Using adhesive glue to install shelves without drilling the walls is safe and used by many homeowners.

At Veneto we help you build alluring and premium quality Wooden shelves and modular wardrobe in Mumbai. Our team of creative designers and experienced craftsmen follow a structured approach for each project. We analyze the characteristics of your room and help you design elegant unique wall shelves to satisfy your requirements.