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The combination of a neutral shade and glass can transform a space and make it look mesmerizing. Designed on principles of simplicity, minimalism and austerity. Skillfully crafted with an attractive design, completes the interiors.
Simplifying storage with elegant and organized shelf designs. Creating modern and attractive spaces that foster innovation and creativity. From material quality to design, it’s a carefully crafted dedicated space for all your prized possessions and flaunts them in a luxurious way.
Our passion to design and build personalized storage solutions. We design not just the square-foot space but your style too. Offering customized features like adjustable rods, shelves, racks, dividers, heights, and many more, accentuating a stunningly organized display.
Discover a distinctive elegance through a seamless blend to every interior. The LED shelf collections for wardrobes are bespoke, designed to your specifications with modern simple designs yet striking; the designs are a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.


Designed for connoisseurs of fine furniture, the range emanates facets with perfect craftsmanship. The design is simply irresistible that defines your space with your personality. The LED shelves are a perfect blend of functionality and style which reflects high quality and created with passion.

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Enhance Your Reading Space With Book Shelves Online 

Book shelves from Veneto have a unique beauty and character. Our Book shelf designs aim to make a distinctively novel look in any home style. These shelves are available in various shapes, designs, and sizes, making them suitable for your home’s bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen areas.

Our rustic wooden shelves add an aesthetic significance when perfectly balanced with function and decor. The minimalist shelves from Veneto are used for a variety of purposes, thus making them a perfect addition to modern homes. These practical wooden furniture designs help you stay organized and complement your decor.

How to Choose the Right Book Shelves

Shelves may be one of many things you consider when furnishing your space. However, it is essential for enhancing the feel and look of the room. Shelves provide an excellent opportunity for displaying decor items or personal mementos. But how would you choose the right bookshelf for your space? Here are some tips for choosing the right book shelves: 

Type of Wood And Finishes

Solid Wood:

Solid wood is well known for its natural beauty and durability, making it a timeless choice. These shelves cost more than glass shelves. However, they are an excellent investment for their durability. 

Veneer Shelves:

To balance aesthetics and affordability, install veneer shelves in your kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Veneer is a thin layer of real wood that provides a luxurious look to most interior design styles. 

Particle Board Wood:

Shelves of particle board wood are made of compressed wood particles. These shelves are cost-effective yet enhance the beauty of your living room, kitchen, and other home spaces. 

Choose a wood finish:

Consider the decor of your home, as the right wood finish will enhance the beauty of your home. Select from painted, natural, and stained wood finishes to complement the theme of your space. 

Weight Capacity :

Understand the load-bearing capacities Evaluate the load-bearing capacities of the wooden shelf/shelves you want to install in your space. Depending upon the wood type, consider which decor items, books, or souvenirs you wish to place on the shelf. 

Durability and Maintenance 

Easy-to-maintain designs:

Always select easy-to-clean and maintain designs. If the bathroom shelves in your home’s living room or other areas have intricate designs, you will have difficulty maintaining them.

Ensuring longevity:

Ensure the book shelves for the home office, kitchen, and bedroom are constructed with quality materials to ensure their longevity. Since the kitchen wall shelves have to bear the weight of jars, bottles, or books, they need to be able to bear the weight of these items. 

Safety Measures Child-friendly Designs:

Customize the book storage with rounded edges and child-friendly features for safety. Secure the shelves to the wall at a height your kids cannot reach. 

Benefits of Installing Book Shelves From Veneto

Book wall shelves have been a timeless and versatile choice to enhance your space. The shelving concept has advantages beyond being trendy; it will make your home look open and roomy. Here are the top 4 benefits of having Book shelves installed in your home: 


One of the most significant benefits of our wooden shelves is their longevity and durability. Unlike other shelves like glass bathroom shelves, wood is a sturdy and robust material. Our wooden shelves for areas like the living room, bedroom, and kitchen are ideal for heavy objects. Wooden wall shelves from Veneto are customized in the best wood to avoid warping and bending.


Our modular wardrobe in Mumbai can be customized in any shape and size. Book shelves for the living room can be painted or stained easily to match the decor of your living room. Similarly, our wooden shelves for the bedroom can also be designed according to your taste to achieve a specific look.


Book wall shelves can provide design, functionality, and organization to any room. Our book shelves for a living can be installed to place personal mementos, vases, and artworks. Our bedroom wooden shelves can be used to display decorative items and books. Kitchen shelves from Veneto can be used for easy access to kitchen supplies. 

Why build your modern wooden shelves from Veneto?

Veneto offers a host of reasons to consider building your book shelves:


We are well known for utilizing our artisanal craftsmanship with premium materials. Building your book shelves for your living room will ensure that skilled artisans and the latest technology craft each piece. 

Innovative Designs:

Our skilled artisans can build bookshelves for bedrooms, kitchens, or living rooms to blend in with different interiors. Wooden shelves designed at Veneto blend contemporary designs with traditional woodworking. 

 Customization options:

At Veneto, we believe in delivering quality products. This is possible only with our customization service. We design each book shelf to fit every customer’s unique style preferences and space requirements. 

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