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Setting the tone for a room by creating a sense of styling the essentials systematically, the ultimate style experience. The varied needs and styles of self-expression and sophistication enable continuous strife in unique designs.
Exclusively designed in a transitional contemporary aesthetic, which is a fusion between modern and classiness. A perfect combination of premium finishes and glass elegance. Experience stylishness that comes in with a unique lifestyle in every room.


Framed in glass, this room partition is designed so as to flood the foyer with light and aesthetically open up your spacE.
Flaunt your creativity and style with a thoughtful and practical collection of designs and materials. Our designs add a touch of modernity to your room with our professional interior designers that create a unique aesthetic.
With an eye for detail and an intention to impress; a beauty and refinement of a charismatic design. Trending styles that surround with panache, partitions carefully designed with authentic architectural style in mind, handcrafted for the elite.


Dive into the elegance of open wide doors, combined with all modern benefits. Making a lasting impression, the brawn and beauty withstands every element of strength, versatility and ease. Right from aesthetics to a royal vibe, the room has a distinct personality.
Carefully outlined modern-day designs, these doors strive to create masterpieces. Meticulously planned and exquisitely designed doors in our state-of-art design studio, displaying unique grandeur. The in-trend styled door slider with transparent panels can be combined with any interior.
A true reflection of your home decor, inspiring lifestyle and luxury living. We are committed to delivering quality sliding doors with style and highest quality craftsmanship. The versatile carpenters pride in providing artisanal in its execution through an unswerving passion.
Crafted to rediscover an elegant lifestyle with defined spaces, this is a unique reflection of creativity. A subtle split level offers a deliberate and detailing to the residence or office. The spaced out diagonal lines brings in light, which is positive and pleasing to the eyes.
Our goal is to provide a product that adds to your perfect surrounding. We strive to furnish beautifully designed doors in a variety of exquisite styles to achieve your desired aesthetics. Offering not only a beautiful ambiance to your residential and commercial space.
Durable, quality, reliability – most of all architecturally meticulous – a perfect balance of beauty and contemporary. Walk through aesthetically designed foldable doors into a space that is significantly larger, ensuring fine artistry, elegant styling and precision.

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Elevate Your Space With Wooden Partitions

Veneto is your premier destination for luxury wooden partitions in Mumbai. Our exquisite collection of wooden partition designs is crafted to add a touch of sophistication and practicality to your living spaces. Whether you are looking to enhance your living room, drawing room, or any other area of your home, our wooden partitions offer a versatile solution that combines style with functionality.

Discover Our Range of Wooden Partitions

Veneto offers a diverse selection of wooden partition walls designed to cater to your unique aesthetic and functional needs. Our partitions are perfect for creating distinct spaces within larger rooms while maintaining an open and airy feel.

Types of Wooden Partitions At Veneto

Explore our diverse range of wooden partitions for living rooms and wooden partitions drawing rooms, designed to enhance style and functionality in every space.

Traditional Wooden Partitions

– This wooden partition for living room is ideal for creating a classic, timeless look.

– Crafted from high-quality wood with intricate carvings and designs.

– Perfect for living rooms and drawing rooms.

Modern Wooden Partitions

– These sleek and minimalist designs as wooden partition in drawing room complement contemporary interiors.

– Often combined with materials like glass for added elegance.

– Suitable for open-concept living spaces.

Folding Wooden Partitions

– Flexible and movable partitions that can be easily adjusted.

– Great for multi-functional spaces and temporary separations.

– Available in various designs and finishes.

Sliding Wooden Partitions

– Space-saving solutions that slide effortlessly along tracks.

– Ideal for compact spaces where traditional doors are impractical.

– Enhance privacy while maintaining a seamless flow between rooms.

Wooden Partition Designs for Living Rooms

Our wooden partition designs for living rooms are crafted to elevate the ambiance of your home. Whether you prefer a traditional look or a modern aesthetic, we have designs that will suit your style.

– Intricate Carvings of wooden partitions:

Add a touch of luxury with detailed carvings and patterns.

– Lattice Designs in wooden partition:

Perfect for allowing light to pass through while maintaining privacy.

– Geometric Patterns in wooden partition:

Modern and stylish, ideal for contemporary homes.

Polishes Available for Wooden Partitions

At Veneto, we offer a variety of polishes to enhance the beauty and durability of your wooden partitions. Our eco-friendly finishes not only protect the wood but also bring out its natural elegance. Choose from:

– Matte Finish:

For a subtle, understated look.

– Glossy Finish:

Adds a vibrant shine, perfect for modern interiors.

– Satin Finish:

Offers a smooth, luxurious feel without too much shine.

– Natural Finish:

Highlights the natural grain and texture of the wood

Why Choose Veneto for Your Wooden Partitions?

At Veneto, we provide top-quality wooden partitions that transform and elevate your living spaces. Here’s why we stand out:

Premium Quality Materials

Our wooden partitions are crafted from the finest wood, ensuring durability and a refined appearance, making them ideal for any home. Each piece is meticulously crafted to meet high standards of quality and elegance.


We offer customizable wooden partitions tailored to your specific dimensions and design preferences. Whether you need wooden partitions for the living room, drawing room, or any other space, we provide solutions that meet your exact needs.

Comprehensive Services

From initial consultations and detailed design to precise logistics and professional installation, we manage every step to deliver perfect wooden partitions. Our expert team ensures a hassle-free experience, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Versatile Design Options

Explore our wide range of luxurious wooden partition designs for living rooms, drawing rooms, and other spaces. Our partitions seamlessly integrate into any decor, combining both style and functionality.

Specialized Solutions

In addition to wooden partitions, we offer a range of home improvement products, including:

Wooden Shelves:

Our wooden shelves are perfect for adding storage and style to any room.

Glass Shelves:

our glass shelves are elegant and modern, ideal for showcasing your prized possessions.

Modular Wardrobes:

Custom-designed to fit your space and storage needs.

Local Presence

Visit our luxury showroom in Mumbai to explore our products firsthand and receive personalized assistance from our design team. Experience the finest wooden partition walls for living rooms and more.

Modular Wardrobe Options

Besides wooden partitions, we provide modular wardrobes in Mumbai, offering a sophisticated blend of practicality and style for your storage needs.

Contact Us

Ready to transform your space with our exquisite wooden partitions? Contact Veneto today for a detailed consultation and let us help you create the home of your dreams.


Can wooden partitions be customized to fit specific dimensions?

Yes, Veneto offers custom sizes to fit your specific needs and space requirements.

Are wooden partitions suitable for all rooms?

Absolutely. Our wooden partitions are versatile and can be used in living rooms, drawing rooms, bedrooms, and more.

What types of finishes are available for wooden partitions?

We offer a variety of finishes, including matte, glossy, satin, and natural finishes to suit your decor.

Do you provide installation services for wooden partitions?

Yes, we provide professional installation services to ensure your partitions are securely and properly installed.

Are wooden partitions durable and long-lasting?

Yes, our partitions are crafted from premium quality wood and are designed to be durable and long-lasting.

Can I see the partitions before purchasing?

Yes, visit our luxury showroom in Mumbai to explore our range of products and get personalized assistance from our design team.

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