3 Mistakes To Avoid While Building A Custom Wardrobe

We often take our wardrobe for granted, failing to consider its dimensions, layout, and design. People frequently make several custom wardrobe mistakes in the excitement of designing a closet, which later proves detrimental to your storage space as well as your room’s aesthetics.

Creating a custom wardrobe is often a difficult task. Getting it built in a hurry, risks ignoring your needs and ignoring your budget. Instead, you should carefully consider your needs, the type of environment you have, and the available space for your future wardrobe.

Having a clear picture of everything assists you avoid major custom-closet design disasters that could be detrimental to your interior and costly to your wallet. We at Veneto build the perfect modular wardrobes in Mumbai. Our team of expert designers and craftsmen helps you build the perfect wardrobe. So to help you in avoiding any mistakes, here are 3 things you should consider before building a custom wardrobe:

Rushing in with the Design

A custom wardrobe can significantly increase the value of your home. However, failing to plan is one of the most common custom wardrobe mistakes, and it will significantly impact the outcome. Typically, homeowners will choose the first design or recommendation and begin with their custom wardrobe fittings and installation. The outcome is frequently far from what they expected.

You must understand that any piece of furniture necessitates a period of reflection and consideration to achieve the best design and construction. It also applies to custom-made wardrobes. It is best to write down your goals for the custom-built wardrobe and work from there. You should begin by considering your needs and budget. You should also consider your storage requirements and the room in which you intend to install the wardrobe.

So start by creating a rough sketch of the desired layout next. It will assist you in visualizing the result and optimizing the space. It will also help you better communicate the design you have in mind to a custom wardrobe company near you.

Not Taking Dimensions into Account

The dimensions are another common mistake that most people make with their custom wardrobes. It is common for homeowners to completely overlook the dimensions of the space where they intend to install the closet.

As a result, the wardrobe is oversized or undersized and out of place in the room with inadequate storage. Alternatively, the thickness of the material is ignored. The result is a wardrobe that is nowhere near the size or dimensions you had hoped for. Another common dimensioning error is failing to account for the safety margin when taking measurements.

This often lands people in a position where they have a closet with perfect dimensions that is just impossible to install in the given layout of their room. So, before you give the go-ahead for your custom wardrobe, double-check that the dimensions are correct.

Taking accurate measurements is a must for the successful installation of a custom wardrobe. As a result, you must ensure that the wardrobe adheres to the dimensions of its eventual location. This will help with wardrobe organization in the long run.

Choosing the wrong materials

The material used to build your wardrobe has a significant impact on the overall design and durability of the custom wardrobe. Even so, it is common for homeowners to overlook materials or sacrifice quality to save money.

However, you should never prioritize storage space and size over product quality. To meet your expectations, a good wardrobe should look appealing and not lose its strength in the long run.

It should be a long-lasting and profitable investment. The next consideration is the design, which should complement the interior of the home. To keep the interior looking cohesive, use the same colour material as the other furniture in your home.

Ignoring Functionality and storage space

If you want your custom wardrobe to look strong and clean on the outside, the inside must be functional and tidy. Nonetheless, you are installing a wardrobe because you need to store items. However, most people overlook what they will keep in the closet. As a result, the wardrobe lacks the storage space, shelves, and racks required to store the necessary objects.

Before you begin designing your custom-made wardrobe, consider the contents that will fill the closet. Create more storage space in your closet by designing it.

You should be aware that the layout of the closet varies depending on the content. As a result, relying solely on the material’s quality is insufficient. You won’t be able to use the closet effectively if the design isn’t functional.

An established and professional company like Veneto provides end-to-end service to help you build the perfect wardrobe that’s worth every penny. From design and material selection to installation and maintenance, we help you in every stage of the process. So Feel free to reach out to us to build the right wardrobe which fulfils all your needs from the start.   

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