3 Reasons Why You Need To Remodel & Upgrade Your Generic Wardrobe

Wardrobes are an integral part of your room’s decor as they provide both practical & aesthetic value. That’s why they need to function smoothly without you having to worry about anything. But it isn’t that easy, your wardrobe space will not function properly for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, the problem is that the wardrobe owner (hopefully you don’t do this) does not declutter sufficiently. Without this vital maintenance routine, your wardrobe will inevitably become cluttered with too many clothes and accessories crammed into a relatively small space.

Another reason why you might have trouble organizing your wardrobe is that you’re using the wardrobe built by your builder from a local carpenter. These wardrobes are far too basic for the majority of people’s requirements, so let us explain why you should consider upgrading your closet. When a wardrobe comes installed in most new homes, it just solves the basic needs.

A typical builder closet will have a single-handing rod and an upper shelving unit. If you’re lucky (which is quite rare), there might be some extra shelves (probably unadjustable) and a wardrobe light that would be completely non-functional. The builder-grade materials aren’t the best quality sometimes and merely fulfill your minimum storage requirements.

So why should you upgrade to a Custom Wardrobe?

Using a basic builder wardrobe to store and organize your clothes makes your life more difficult and frustrating than should be. Well, we at Veneto believe that you don’t need to deal with this & work to make it easier with our custom wardrobe designs.

Many people are unaware that there are far superior closet setups available than what their builder-grade wardrobe provides. This could be because we’ve become accustomed to the fact that closets built by builders have traditionally had a very simple design, but not anymore!

If you too are reconsidering your wardrobe usage & the storage it provides, now is the time to upgrade to a custom wardrobe & here are 3 reasons why:


1. A builder wardrobe has limited functionality.

The main reason to update a builder-grade wardrobe is their old-school designs which lack modern functionality. Sure, they work, but there’s only so much a simple closet with only one hanging rod and an upper shelf that is never sufficient for any family. Products that are “one-size-fits-all” rarely provide complete satisfaction to anybody who utilizes them. Everyone has different tastes and preferences, so anything designed for the masses is bound to disappoint a significant number of customers (especially someone like you with great taste!). You can try to supplement a builder wardrobe’s limited utility by adding grips, extra shelving, bins, and a footwear grill on the floor. Although these add-ons improve wardrobe functionality, the space still falls far short of what a custom wardrobe could provide you with.

2. You use your wardrobe every day.

How many things do almost all of us use on a daily basis, at least two to three times a day? We can think of the refrigerator, the kitchen sink, specific room lights, mobile phones (of course), certain furniture pieces, and our Master bedroom wardrobe

There are probably a few things that come to our minds instantly but it’s not a very long list. We rely on each of these things to work reliably because they are a regular part of our lives. If the light switch or water taps didn’t work properly every time we used them, we’d either repair them or consider replacing them with a new tap. Given that we have to get dressed and undressed every day, why should settle for an impractical wardrobe? This is a question that isn’t asked enough.

3. A builder wardrobe isn’t appealing. 

A closet should provide you with the storage space you require while also being functional enough to allow you to easily keep it organized. Adding some extras to help with functionality can help you get more use out of your closet. A mix of products added over time, on the other hand, creates a patchwork type of look with no decorative cohesion.

While a wardrobe is a functional space, there’s no reason it can’t also be stylish. It can make a world of difference when your wardrobe has some personality and more visual appeal and that’s just what our sliding wardrobe designs do. Other ways to add style to a wardrobe include upgrading the lighting for better ambiance, repainting the ceiling and walls in a new color, or replacing the wardrobe doors with stylish hardware. The obvious solution for upgrading a builder wardrobe is to have it changed with a professionally made personalized wardrobe from professionals like Veneto.

Instead of acquiring the minimum from your current wardrobe, a wardrobe design professional is concerned with helping you get the most storage space, functionality, and aesthetic value from the space. Considering the in-trend option from Sliding wardrobe designs to a custom Openable wardrobe, Veneto Provides all.

 So why should you struggle & get irritated every time you get dressed when there’s a better solution available! At Veneto, our skilled craftsmen & designers build modular wardrobes in Mumbai and transform one or more of your existing wardrobes into stylish, highly functional spaces that make your life much easier. We can design a beautiful walk-in wardrobe in Mumbai with a dressing area if you want something a little larger for clothes storage than a reach-in closet and have the space. So visit our website & book an appointment today to take your dressing experience to the Next Level!

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