5 Benefits Of Installing Glass Partitions At Your Workplace Post-Pandemic

For much of the last two years, the spread of COVID-19 has forced businesses to shut down, adapt to remote work, or attempt social distancing in an environment where it is nearly impossible. Organizations are looking for ways to keep people safe while still providing a productive and communicative environment as we try to get back to our normal routines post-pandemic. But buying/renting a bigger office is really expensive and could cause a lot of havoc. So how can you keep your employees safe without shifting to a bigger space?

Well don’t worry as we’ve found the perfect solution and that is Veneto’s sturdy and classy Glass partitions. Glass partitions in the workplace enable you to utilize your space effectively and here are 5 advantages you can gain by installing them throughout your office or workplace.

Limits the spreading of Covid-19 

The most significant benefit of installing a glass partition for living room of office right now is that it limits the spread of COVID-19. There’s nothing to stop respiratory droplets known to contain the novel coronavirus from spreading in open-plan offices, reception areas, and other open workspaces where social distancing guidelines can’t be followed. A single sneeze, cough, or even yawn can cause several people to test positive, forcing an entire office to shut down. Germs encounter a barrier when they make contact with glass partitions surrounding workspaces in open-plan offices or in private offices in places like reception desks, stopping the spread of illness and keeping your team healthy and your business open.

Our Vesta Glass room partition

Protects people from seasonal illnesses (reducing Sick Days)

Consider how some other seasonal illnesses, such as colds and flu, can break through an office while COVID-19 is on the front lines of public health. A single round of flu can get a majority of your team sick for several days, halting productivity and stressing out other employees causing them to take leave or work from home. Just as glass partitions in the workplace can help prevent the spread of coronavirus, they can also help prevent the spread of common seasonal illnesses, keeping your workforce healthy and reducing the number of sick days they take which improve the overall productivity and safety of your team.

Curbs Noise Pollution

Voices talking, fingers typing, chairs screeching, and a plethora of other sounds and noises abound in open office layouts, BPOs, and similar work environments. This can be annoying to both your team and clients who are in the office or even on the phone and can hear the background noise.

Because sound does not pass through physical barriers, adding glass partitions to the office can help to reduce the noise level. Even a few strategically placed partitions can significantly reduce the decibel level in the office, improving concentration, limiting distraction, and creating a more conducive environment for productivity and better customer service.

Our Venti Glass room partition

Extend existing cubicles economically 

If your current office setup includes cubicles and partitions, but they’re not high enough to prevent or slow the spread of disease, glass partitions can be installed on top of them. This is a far more efficient and cost-effective option than replacing the existing setup, and since they are glass, they do not reduce visibility in the office.

Glass Partitions are easy to clean & maintain.

A glass partition is one of the easiest to maintain when compared to fabric-covered cubicle walls, clear acrylic, and other physical barrier options. Scratches, cracks, and breakage are unlikely with quality glass partitions made by Veneto, and it is much more durable. It’s a lot easier to clean, especially if disinfection and sanitization are a priority.

Glass has the added benefit of being visually appealing. Unlike wood partitions, which can have a dull appearance,  custom glass partition is beautifully transparent and can be customized with a pattern or frost to match with aesthetic of your office.

Veneto’s builds glass partitions and modular wardrobes in Mumbai that are extremely easy to clean, resistant to damage and water, and available in a variety of glass opacities ranging from completely opaque to see-through transparent.

Our office glass door designs outlast alternatives like acrylic or wood, and they can be cleaned and sanitized in seconds. Acrylic materials are porous and allow bacteria to grow, glass is antibacterial, which is why most facilities prefer glass to other materials for partitions.

So here’s why installing Veneto glass wall partitions in your establishment is an effective and efficient way to improve safety and establish a well-functioning environment for your employees. The most important aspect of this process for protecting everyone from this virus is spatial separation. So visit our website to explore our amazing collection of Glass partitions and request a quote from one of our experts today.

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