5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To An Openable Wardrobe

With your busy schedule & outstanding fashion sense, the last thing you’ll want to see is an unorganized wardrobe with all your favorite shirts crumbled inside. We all want our clothes to stay organized that’s why it’s necessary to pay attention to the specific elements while getting a new wardrobe fitted. Choosing the right options can make all the difference between your wardrobe being a convenience and or causing impatience.

Things like the placement of the doors may maximize closet space, increase wardrobe storage capacity & blend in with your room’s decor. The wardrobe’s structure is attached with openable doors that open up to a spacious wardrobe with endless storage possibilities inside!

When openable doors are attached to the wardrobe frame it provides a complete view of the interior of the wardrobe. They don’t take up any of the wardrobe’s storage space because they open outward. Hooks, mirrors, shoe bags, and smaller shelves can also be added to the inside of hinged doors to increase storage capacity. An Openable wardrobe design offers the best of both worlds. The older & authentic designs go well with traditional decor whereas the newer designs and materials make them more suitable for modern & sophisticated interiors.

Customized door hardware allows you to choose from a variety of styles to match the décor of the space. They can also be modified to accommodate oddly shaped spaces, such as those found beneath stairs or in areas with slanted ceilings. They are incredibly simple to keep it neat and tidy.

As wardrobe designers, the controversial question of what type of wardrobes should be installed is asked quite frequently. While there are many customers who prefer the classic openable wardrobe, we’ll let you know all the reasons for you to fall in love with the traditional openable wardrobe with a touch of modernity & Elegance.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider building an Openable Wardrobe:


1. Easy to Install

Openable wardrobe doors are much easier to install since they just require a few screws and a set of hinges per door. Due to this property, you can easily transport your openable doors from one house to another making you instantly fall in love with them. This is far easier as compared to moving a sliding wardrobe door from one location to another.

2. Gives a Full view of the wardrobe

The key benefit of an openable wardrobe is that it can swing completely open, giving you a full view of everything that’s inside this is one of the key differences between a sliding wardrobe design and an openable wardrobe design. On the inside of the shutter, hooks, pockets, or racks can be installed for accessories such as ties, belts, clips, and so on which help you to stay organized.

3. Variety of options to choose from

Because openable wardrobes are so popular, they come in a variety of styles, colors, materials, and textures. Additionally, you can always add attractive doorknobs made of stainless steel, brass, or leather that fit in with the aesthetic of your wardrobe & decor.

4. Easy maintenance

Openable wardrobes when compared to Sliding wardrobes are low-maintenance. In the event of breakage or damage, the hinges can easily be tightened or be replaced. In addition to this hinges are significantly less expensive and more easily accessible than the high-quality track systems required for sliding wardrobe doors.

5. Keeps you organized

The majority of openable wardrobes are quite heightened from the floor to your ceiling which provides additional storage space. You can easily customize this extra closet space by adding additional drawers, compartments, shelves, shoe racks, and hangers to meet your specific needs.

Having all of these design possibilities allows you to organize your clothing and find your belongings easily & quickly. Your openable wardrobe will take up exactly the amount of space you set for it, no matter how big or little it is.

Veneto is a wardrobe maker that builds cutting-edge modular wardrobes in Mumbai. Depending on your needs and tastes, the benefits of openable wardrobe doors can sometimes be better than that of sliding wardrobe doors. To find out if an openable wardrobe is perfect for you, feel free to contact our amazingly helpful team & book a consultation today!

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