6 Add-Ons You Need To Have For Your Custom Wardrobe

The wardrobe is one of the essential components of a contemporary master bedroom. It’s crucial to ensure space for everything because this is where you store your clothes and other belongings. The most sought-after areas in a modern home are custom wardrobes as they can be altered to fit your personality, organize your belongings, and because of the luxury look they provide. It would be an injustice to that potentially fantastic room to refer to a great wardrobe as “storage space.”

Modular Wardrobes don’t need to serve as a vessel for clutter. It’s not just because these nooks add extra space that the closet has evolved into one of the most significant spaces in many luxury homes. Many times, wardrobes are now so roomy that the term “nook” is hardly appropriate to describe them.

Here are the critical elements of a high-end custom wardrobe that are preferred by those who crave the lavish life:

Accessory and Jewelry Station

Having gliding velvet-lined drawers help you to easily Arrange all your watches, ties, cufflinks, tennis bracelets, and earrings all in one place. You can also install and sit in the soft upholstered chair in front of your wardrobe and look up at your clutches and handbags as you accessorize your outfits.

For jewelry: Use inserts or a small box that will fit in the drawer for jewelry storage. Veneto designers advise placing your prized possessions toward the back of your wardrobe.

For Handbags: Open shelving and clear dividers are the right way to organize your handbags. Handbags should be on display for ease of accessibility when you’re in hurry.

Safes and Locked Drawers

Regarding jewelry and watches, certain valuable items should be kept in a safe or, at the very least, locked drawers. While your office may have a safe for important documents, a second small safe hidden behind a cabinet door in your closet is a convenient place to store valuable accessories.

Full-length mirrors

A full-length mirror in or near your custom wardrobe makes checking your outfit much easy as it’s an essential part of your dressing process. A statement mirror is one with a design that draws attention to itself in the space it is placed in. Full-length mirrors, abstract mirrors, mirror walls, vanity mirrors, decorative mirrors, and other types can all be included in your luxury wardrobe as per your preference. If you don’t have enough space for a mirror, you can use a built-in, pull-out mirror to make the most of what you have.

Excellent lighting

Not only will adequate lighting make you feel better, but you will also be able to see your entire collection much more easily. LED lighting, suggested by Veneto’s expert designers, brightens your wardrobe and adds character to the space. The best real-life of example of LED lights is that they easily help you to distinguish between your black and navy tops and trousers when in a rush.

An Elegant Shoe shelf

One of the most beautiful things a person can see is your pairs of shoes proudly lined up. To form a proper system for your footwear, click together heels and arrange them by height, style, material, color, seasonal durability, or any other format of your liking. You should have a dedicated shoe space for all types of shoes, as it helps you match the perfect shoe for your outfit quickly.

Closet island for walk-in wardrobes

A closet island is essentially a dresser built into your walk-in wardrobe, and like a kitchen island, it can serve various functions. Drawers for your valuable accessories can be added to custom closet islands. The countertop is a functional surface for folding or organizing clothing and storing newly purchased items. The island could also have a power board for charging phones, smartwatches, and other small electronics.

Adding these design elements and essentials to your wardrobe can help you to create an elegant and functional space you enjoy. A well-designed custom wardrobe should make you feel like you’re walking into your private boutique, with all your lovely clothes and accessories on display. This not only makes getting dressed more enjoyable but also simplifies the process. 

Veneto helps you build the best Modular Wardrobe in Mumbai whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for ways to update your current wardrobe. We have a wide range of sliding, walk in and openable wardrobe designs to choose from and our designers help you to create a one-of-a-kind design just for your room. So give us a call today to build your own custom wardrobe with Veneto

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