3 Elegant Walk-In Wardrobe Designs For Your Home In 2022

Upgrading your home or shifting to a newer one can always be a tough experience. Everything gets scattered around & you’re busier than you’ve ever been in life. But one thing we all miss out on while planning to build a new home (or renovate an existing one) is the design & style of our wardrobes.  Of course, you can look up images on the internet or search for ‘wardrobe ideas’ on Pinterest, but you’ll be overwhelmed with options & variety. That’s why Walk-In wardrobes are some of the most spacious & unique wardrobes which offer elegant & spacious designs. Choosing the right Walk-In wardrobe not only improves the aesthetic of your room but also provides a large amount of storage space & we at Veneto are the masters of designing them.

Our Walk in wardrobe in Mumbai offers a wide range of benefits as compared to traditional wardrobes. So if you’re in a dilemma about whether a walk-in wardrobe is a right choice for your home, these factors will help you in understanding why they’re the right choice.

Increased room space

Is there any space in your room that you don’t need but wish to utilize ever so often? Now is the time to put it to good use. Using a walk-in closet to optimize space is unlike anything else. You’ll have the most orderly closet in the house with a separate section for clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

The ideal fit

We at Veneto help to turn your ideas into a reality, therefore we conduct a complete assessment of your space to develop the ideal fit for you that accommodates both, the space and your expectations. We offer end-to-end wardrobe solutions, from installment & delivery to deciding the length of the shelves to the number of storage compartments we make sure our final product meets your needs and vision.

Clothing maintenance

Walk-in wardrobe enables ventilation, which keeps your clothing dust-free. If you’re annoyed with keeping your clothes stacked, it’s time to let go and hang them to avoid creases and save yourself the time and effort of ironing. Walk-in Wardrobes allow you to separate your jeans, tops, blazers, and office clothing into different sections. This not only makes your life easier but also gives your belongings the attention they deserve.

Now that you know the various benefits of installing a Walk-in wardrobe it’s time for you to select the right one and we build some of the best modular wardrobes in Mumbai. That’s why in this blog we’ve created a list of three of the most exquisite walk-in wardrobes offered by Veneto making it easier for you to choose & build your dream wardrobe.

OPS- Luxury with comfort

The OPS category is distinguished by its glass shelf design, which is available in a comforting grey finish. An exceptionally exquisite design, ideal for any location where luxury is envisaged delicately and necessarily. OPS allows you to avoid and transcend the limitations imposed by mass production by developing one-of-a-kind customized settings that meet your needs.

With new stylish accessories, the OPS wardrobe expands its creative options. Wired basket, trouser hanger, and shoe racks are among the accessories that, like all the other pieces for OPS, allow for ease of storage.

The lightness and compositional adaptability of the walk-in closet define its true luxury & storage capabilities. This custom-made walk-in wardrobe provides for a wide range of accessory placement to cater to all your needs. The numerous finishes offer an aesthetic option, which is a version with glass shelves that offer a dust-free and wrinkle-free environment for your clothes.

NOX- A room in its own

NOX is an innovative walk-in wardrobe that keeps you organized in a boutique-style manner. For unconstrained space, the structure of NOX incorporates glass shelves with inbuilt LED lighting in various sizes, open shelves, and inbuilt hanger rods. Every element is designed to maximize the amount of space available for composition and function. NOX is not just any modular walk-in wardrobe it’s a truly sophisticated work of art.

NOX transforms into a 360° soothing room thanks to the amazing creativity of Veneto’s designers, who intended to create a customized space, a safe cradle, not just a place to tidy but a place to live. The NOX walk-in wardrobe is more than just a luxury item: it’s a mood, a way of life, and a way of living and loving the dwelling spaces.

With a succession of components and accessories dedicated to various functions, such as LED lighting, inbuilt shelves, and hanger rods, the NOX provides an updated storage organization. A walk-in wardrobe that combines efficiency with personal style. NOX is a system that uses modular solutions and aesthetic definitions to interpret a storage project in the most unique way possible. The NOX is a high-quality luxury wardrobe that favors a wide range of lifestyles.

SORS- Combining utility with magnificence

SORS is a modular walk-in wardrobe system that can adapt to any room. Adjustable rods, shelves, racks, dividers, heights, and other features distinguish the walk-in closet, highlighting a brilliantly arranged display. The entire interior equipment of SORS has been built to provide you with more personalized storage.

SORS allows you to keep everything in plain sight & easy to reach through its open system by providing custom-made storage for your specific needs. Our designers aim in helping you effectively utilize all your available space with SORS; it is planned ergonomically and is brilliantly illuminated. Clothing can be simply brought to a comfortable height for the user or stored at this height. As a result, everything sits perfectly in its proper position, allowing you to easily access everything you require.

SORS, true to its motto of “Not search, but find.”, delivers well-organized assistance. The inside system can be tailored to the user’s exact requirements, utilizing all the available space to the last millimeter and created to satisfy individual requirements.

A walk-in wardrobe is generally large enough to accommodate all of your belongings, while also allowing you to dress comfortably. So if you too want to build a custom Walk-In wardrobe for your house contact Veneto today! Our amazing team & craftsmen not only help you in building the most luxurious wardrobes but all provide end-to-end services from installment to after-sales service. So what are you waiting for? Click here to get started on your luxurious wardrobe journey with Veneto today!

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