How to create perfect lighting in your custom wardrobe.

How to create perfect lighting in your custom wardrobe. - Veneto

A custom wardrobe is a vital part of our everyday lives since it provides storage space for clothing and accessories. It not only keeps our belongings organised, but it also adds a useful and attractive touch to our home design. Proper lighting in the wardrobe is vital because it impacts our mood, helps us find our clothes quickly, and allows us to see our accessories.

A well-lit wardrobe system is essential for creating a useful and practical workplace. The appropriate lighting may make the clothing selection process more efficient and fun while creating an aesthetically beautiful environment. You can create a useful and visually appealing room using the right lighting.

This blog will explore the various lighting fixtures that can be utilised to produce a well-lit closet and offer an outline of the necessity of adequate lighting in custom wardrobe design. It will also include suggestions and strategies for lighting fixture installation in India. 

custom walk in wardrobe design - Veneto

Type of lighting fixtures for custom wardrobes 


Chandeliers are ornamental lighting fixtures that may bring beauty and class to your walk-in wardrobe. They usually hang from the ceiling in a walk-in wardrobe designs and have several arms or branches with light bulbs. Chandeliers can be found in physical stores and online in modern and traditional styles. Enhance your walk-in wardrobe with elegant chandeliers.

Flush-mounted fixtures:

Flush-mounted lights are a sort of overhead lighting that lies flush against the ceiling. They may provide a lot of light while taking up little space. Flush-mounted fixtures come in various designs, ranging from simple and intricate designs to lavish and opulent designs. 

Recessed illumination:

Recessed lighting is an overhead style built into the ceiling. They are usually small, circular or square fixtures flush with the ceiling. Recessed lighting may produce a lot of light and be utilised to draw attention to specific portions of your closet, such as your shoe collection or a specific section of hanging garments. They are also excellent for achieving a clean and streamlined appearance in your bedroom.

Shelving Lighting:

If your openable wardrobe Design has shelves, illuminating them will improve your dressing-up sessions. It provides sufficient illumination for activities such as folding clothes and selecting accessories. It can also draw attention to certain aspects of your modern wardrobe, such as the materials’ texture or the shelf’s design. 

Vanity Lights:

Vanity lights are a great addition to a custom closet with built-in vanities or dressing tables. These lights are usually on either side of the mirror to provide even and pleasing illumination, whether doing cosmetics, styling your hair, or getting ready. Vanity lights may also be utilised as accent lighting in your closet, giving your room a touch of glitz and elegance.

custom openable wardrobe designs - Veneto

Importance of lighting in modern wardrobes

Easily Finding items:

Adequate lighting is vital in custom wardrobe design since it makes finding your items easier and more efficient. Proper lighting can highlight all regions of your wardrobe, even the corners and lower shelves, making it simpler to find items that could be difficult to find otherwise. With appropriate illumination, you can discover the clothes you need quickly and simply without wasting time or becoming annoyed.

Enhances colour accuracy:

Adequate lighting in a customised wardrobe design improves colour accuracy, allowing you to view the actual colours of your clothing and accessories. This is especially important when matching clothes or picking accessories for special events. 

Highlighting Accessories:

In a poorly lit glass wardrobe, accessories like shoes, jewellery, and purses might be difficult to see and appreciate. Adequate lighting may assist in highlighting your accessories, making them simpler to discover and wear. Lighting highlights the colours and textures of your items, making them appear brighter. 

Texture Highlighting:

Adequate lighting may draw attention to the textures of your clothes and accessories, making them more aesthetically appealing. For example, knitwear, leather, and suede might be difficult to evaluate without suitable illumination. 

Strategies for lighting fixture installation 

  • Determine the size of your closet for estimating the number and location of lighting fixtures required for appropriate illumination.
  • Select the appropriate lighting fixture for each part of the closet, such as task lighting for shelves or ceiling lighting for general illumination.
  • Consider utilising dimmer switches to create different moods and satisfy varied demands by adjusting the lighting settings.
  • Before installation, ensure that the wiring and electrical requirements are met by hiring a professional electrician. 

A useful and visually appealing bespoke wardrobe design requires proper lighting. Chandeliers, under-cabinet, and vanity lights, for example, can be utilised to highlight accessories, improve colour accuracy, and emphasise the textures of clothing. Determine the closet size, shop appropriate fixtures, utilise dimmer switches, and meet electrical requirements. 

A modular wardrobe in mumbai is the solution if you want a high-quality, custom wardrobe that fits your storage demands. Veneto’s exceptional workmanship and attention to detail can produce your ideal customised wardrobe. Upgrade from a basic closet design to a customised wardrobe that expresses your taste and lifestyle. Contact Veneto now to begin creating and developing your ideal wardrobe.

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