Glass Frame Doors and 5 Common Misconceptions

Glass Frame Doors are one of the most exquisite materials you can use to design the interior of your home. Glass, in addition to the aesthetic benefits, maximizes the influx of all available natural light coming to your home which improves your productivity and well-being. Thus installing an office door glass design is extremely popular as it improves the morale and efficiency of your employees. Apart from this, there are numerous reasons why glass is still a popular material used in commercial buildings. Office Glass Door Design offers a premium look and has distinct characteristics that make it ideal for corporate office settings. An aluminum frame glass door allows you to divide room space equally with the help of bearing Glass panes. Glass doors are typically full-height, floor-to-ceiling panes of glass. They work particularly well in offices as room dividers and are ideal for opening up a room. This allows light to flood in, resulting in an open and comfortable work environment. At Veneto, we strive to help our customers make informed decisions when selecting their home and office door design. Being experts in designing premium framed glass door designs we help you select the right doors for your home and build the best modular wardrobe in Mumbai. With that in mind, our team has debunked 5 of the most common myths about glass frame door designs.

Glass frame doors are Fragile

This common misconception prevails in the minds of many when it comes to selecting a home and office glass doors. However, this misconception only holds true only when doors are made of mediocre materials and poor craftsmanship. With years of industry experience, At Veneto, our expert team of designers and craftsmen team uses premium grade glass assuring you a high-quality aluminum frame glass door. Most of our installations use safety toughened Glass, which is durable and attractive. This type of safety glass is five times stronger than standard glass alternatives, with high impact resistance that provides additional workplace protection as they’re less likely to shatter. This makes Glass a safe material for office partitioning as it can be used to create stylish yet functional workspaces.

Transparent office glass doors invade your private space.

Office glass doors can create necessary workspaces while maximizing light perfectly complimenting an open-plan office design. While some people appreciate this aspect of Glass, there may be times when it feels like there is nowhere to hide. We’ve compiled our best tips for adding privacy to your office door design to combat this. We suggest adding a glass manifestation to your doors for visual privacy. Frosted glass doors are another option that creates an element of privacy without sacrificing design or light flow! “Because glass is a hard surface, sound can echo around a room.”

Sound echoes through rooms with Glass Frame Doors

When you place an order with Veneto, we’ll walk you through selecting the best glass door design for your office. Our office glass design collection features glazed Glass with various degrees of acoustic protection, absorbing sound vibrations and preventing noise from transferring from room to room. We’re sure we can find a solution that meets your needs and your budget.

Employees frequently dash into glass office doors.

For this reason, glass manifestations are a legal requirement on certain glazed walls. These glass stickers indicate the presence of the door, preventing staff from walking into them, depending on the dimensions of your glass panes. While this health and safety precaution may detract from the frameless appearance of your glass office, we see it as a creative opportunity. In addition to our standard office glass design, we offer the option of submitting your designs to produce a showstopper that won’t be overlooked by anyone.

Glass Frame Doors are difficult to clean and smudges easily

Once installed, our glass doors have a smart, clean, and timeless appearance. And they maintain their clean look without much effort. Glass doors need to be cleaned every few weeks with warm water and washing-up liquid, this replenishes their pristine new look. To avoid streaking, always wipe downward with a microfiber cloth.

Why choose Veneto’s Glass Frame Door Solutions for your Office?

Veneto has an extensive range of glass door design options for you to choose from. We assist you with every project no matter how large or small. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always available to guide you through each step of the process. We know exactly how to get you the most cost-effective and stylish glass door solution for modern offices. So give us a call today and start designing your own premium office glass door with our in-house team of experts.

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