The Ultimate Guide On How To Keep Your Wardrobe Smelling Fresh

No matter what detergent or fabric cleaners you use or how many times you wash your clothes, they still give out a musty smell that you can’t quite get rid of?  Well, it may be the right time for you to check on your Modular Wardrobe as that might be the reason for this funky smell.

Wardrobes are basically a small, compact room for your clothes with no circulation for air and light inside. Due to this bad odors generate inside your wardrobe which eventually spread to your clothes giving them that musky and bad smell which honestly nobody likes. 

Don’t you hate it when after having a nice hot shower on a Saturday evening and getting all excited to meet your friends or family and when you reach for your Wardrobe, BOOM all of your clothes smell funny? It would really ruin your day, wouldn’t it?

Well you won’t have to experience that same feeling again, here are some amazing and simple techniques through which you can keep your custom wardrobe fresh and your clothes odor-free:

First and Foremost Find the Source (if any)

It might often happen that one single thing could be the reason for the bad odor growing inside your wardrobe, all you have to do now is find out what that is. Make sure you remove all the dirty clothes, shoes and dust which gathers around as they might make the smell even worse. Often when moisture gets trapped inside your wardrobe molds and mildew gets formed inside which gives out that musky smell.

Make sure you clean your Wardrobe Regularly

It is extremely necessary to clean your wardrobes regularly in order to prolong its life and keep it fresh. It’s not necessary to carry out a complete deep clean from professionals, you can do it yourself too. In order to do so first and foremost, you will have to clear your wardrobe. Use a vacuum to clean any dust that has settled on the floor and glass. You can use a multi-purpose cleaner along with some soap and water to clean the doors, cabinets, shelves and closet rods, and make sure to use a dry cloth afterward to wipe away the water. 

Add some Air Fresheners to your Wardrobe

Air fresheners are a great and easy way to keep your wardrobe and clothes smelling fresh. You don’t really have to do much, all you have to do is tuck in an air freshener of your choice inside the wardrobe. Make sure you select the scent which you like as all your clothes would be giving out the same fragrance and you really don’t want it to be a bad one.  

Hide in a Container of Coffee Grounds

Now you wouldn’t believe us when we say this, but coffee grounds work really well in keeping your custom wardrobe fresh. Coffee doesn’t just keep your mind fresh, it freshens up your wardrobes as well. Coffee grounds are a fantastic absorbent of musky odors. All you have to do is keep some coffee grounds in a container and poke some holes in the lid and see how efficiently coffee absorbs all the funky smell keeping your clothes free from any musky odors. 

Sprinkle some Vinegar Inside your Wardrobe

Vinegar is a great preservative for your food and an even better deodorizer for your wardrobe. It works magic inside your wardrobe and is one of the best remedies to keep your wardrobe fresh. Mix in equal parts of vinegar and water and pour them into a spray bottle and spray a small amount on your garment to check, if they don’t change color you’re good to go (turn your clothes inside out first). You can even spray the mixture inside your wardrobes to eliminate the odor. 

Add a little more fragrance using Scented Soaps

Scented soaps are a great choice if you want to add a little fragrance to your clothes. It not only helps in freshening your clothes but also makes your wardrobe smell wonderful. All you have to do is take a scented soap, wrap it up in a thin Fabric ( to protect your clothes) and keep it in your wardrobe. 

Put your Dryer Sheets to Use

If you think that dryer sheets can only be used to soften up your fabrics then we are here to prove you wrong. Used dryer sheets often have a decent amount of fragrance left in them which can absorb bad odors from your wardrobes. Keep your wardrobe fresh in a cheap and effective manner by tucking away some dryer sheets in your Wardrobe cabinets and drawers. 

Start using Wooden hangers

If you use metal or plastic hangers for hanging your clothes it might just be the right time to change them. Wooden hangers protect your clothes better and prevent any bad odors. Wood is a natural deodorizer and hanging your clothes helps absorb moisture and prevent dampness. You can purchase wooden hangers with Cedar or lavender scents which give your garments a pleasant fragrance. 


So here you go with some of the best remedies you can use to keep your wardrobe fresh and odor-free. These remedies are easy, fun and most importantly effective. I’m sure that by now you would’ve been convinced that it’s not difficult to keep your wardrobe clean and fresh.

We at Veneto help you create modular wardrobes in Mumbai that are stylish, strong, and unique. We help you with each step, right from installation to wardrobe maintenance tips and solutions. We at Veneto do it all.

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