Build the Perfect Walk-in Wardrobe Plan with these 5 Tips!

Your wardrobe sets the tone and aesthetic for your bedroom and plays a crucial role in optimizing your space. A Walk in wardrobe design emits luxury and allows you to extensively manage your precious clothing and accessories. Walk in wardrobes provide you with a calm and exquisite room to dress up making it crucial for you to select the right designs. They make sure no t-shirt is scrunched-up inside a corner and maintain the quality of your prized possessions.
However, selecting the right modern walk-in wardrobe designs for bedrooms can be a challenge to many. They take up a significant portion of your bedroom space making it essential for you to maximize every square inch. You need to strategically decide your walk in wardrobe design plans to meet your unique requirements. It should offer great functional and aesthetic value while being easily accessible. Hence you need to follow a robust plan before designing a walk in wardrobe for your home. That’s why we at Veneto have made a list of 5 wardrobe tips you need to follow before finalizing a walk-in wardrobe plan, they are:

Identify Your Needs

Before you start ruling out walk-in wardrobe design ideas, it’s essential for you to identify your needs first. You need to define exactly what you plan to store in your walk-in closet. Your fashion sense, seasonal clothes, accessories and the nature of the person you plan to share the wardrobe with (if any) need to be considered while planning your wardrobe. This helps you in strategically planning the interior of the wardrobe and dedicating the required space for various items. Your daily needs should determine the number of doors, mirrors, drawers, and shelves that are to be installed in your walk in wardrobe.

Veneto's NYX Walk in Wardrobe

Decide the Layout of your Furniture

Based on the size of your walk in wardrobe, other sets of furniture apart from drawers and shelves also need to be added. You also need to smartly plan the layout of furniture to make everything accessible within your walk in wardrobe dimensions. Additional furniture like an ottoman, a dressing table, or even an island counter with a see-through drawer could be added to elevate your dressing experience. Don’t forget to install a comfortable seat and well-lit dressing table to swiftly buckle up your shoes, comfortably apply make-up, or style your hair.

Choose the Right Materials and Themes

After planning out the technical and functional aspects of your walk in wardrobe it’s time to work on the aesthetics. Whenever you enter the wardrobe it should offer a calm & energetic vibe while you dress up. The color of your wardrobe shouldn’t sting your eyes or be very dull. It should be appealing, and classy, and blend well with your interior décor. Based on your personality and type of users, you can always customize the theme of your wardrobe. If you have kids sharing the wardrobe, you can add an animal or cartoon-based theme. If you have a minimalist personality you can choose a neutral color scheme. If you’re on the wilder side of things you can always select poppy colors. Your walk in wardrobe is your private space, so design it accordingly to maintain a comfortable environment for you to dress in!

Veneto's OPS Walk in Wardrobe

Install Sufficient Lighting

Smart lighting can completely turn around the appearance of your wardrobe and the items stored in it. Adding sufficient lights to your walk in wardrobe design ideas adds a positive and elegant vibe to your wardrobe. As the interior of your walk in is isolated from the main room, proper lighting provides sufficient visibility for you to dress up. Smartly installed lights display your clothes elegantly and reduce the possibility of accidents while you dress up. Like the theme of your wardrobe, you can unique light colors to suit your personality. Installing lighting behind shelves, vanity mirrors, and inside drawers gracefully displays your prized possessions while upgrading the aesthetic of your wardrobe.

Level Up with Shelves

Once you’ve decided on the layout, theme, and storage space it’s time to focus on your shelving. Strategically planning your shelves helps you adequately utilize your horizontal and vertical space. Adequate shelving helps you create a safe and distinct space for various accessories like shoes, belts, bobs, hats, and more. You should pre-plan where you want to place your shelves and what purpose would they serve. Shelving is also important when it comes to planning the layout of your walk in wardrobe. Whether you want a straight, square, or u-shaped walk in closet design, it all depends on your shelving. Using beautifully polished wooden shelves portrays a rich luxurious touch whilst satisfying the modern look of your wardrobe.

Veneto's NOX Walk in wardrobe

Following these wardrobe tips religiously helps you plan a functional & functional wardrobe that’s in line with your expectations. Designing your wardrobe is an enthralling experience and we at Veneto help you take it a level ahead. Our expert team of craftsmen and designers help you plan the perfect modular wardrobe in Mumbai that checks all your criteria. We deliver functional & impeccable walk in wardrobe designs for bedrooms tailored to meet your needs. So give us a call today & start planning your walk in wardrobe with our expert team.

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