Bring functionality to your Life with Veneto’s walk in wardrobe designs.

Many people dream about having their own private dressing room, but it is difficult to visualize where that extra space could come from. They appear to be only possible in homes with extra clearance for wardrobe space. However, this isn’t true as we at Veneto can bring you luxurious high-end walk in wardrobe designs for all room sizes. Our premium walk in wardrobes ideas is the result of exclusive craftsmanship carried out by the best artisans. They distinguish themselves from the competition through their versatility, manufacturability, aesthetic sense, and timeless style.
A customized walk in wardrobe is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it can also help to make your space look more tidy and spacious. We have the skills and resources to design, craft, and install your ideal walk in wardrobe within the confines of a given space.


The Silvio walk in wardrobe’s refreshing matt black or brushed gold finish, combined with organized shelf designs. This helps achieve a balanced vision and makes the wardrobe simpler yet extravagant. Silvio walk in wardrobes are installed with lighting systems by Veneto experts. The 18mm wooden panels are combined with decorative panels for open cabinets, increasing the transparency and brightness of your dressing room while optimizing your storage space. The Silvio walk in wardrobe is a separate area with plenty of storage and dressing space.


The Spice walk in wardrobe in Mumbai combines a neutral shade of wood with glass to create the most captivating and comfortable kitchen space. The combination of wood and glass demonstrates the elegant home decoration style. The matt black finish of the decorative profile is paired with LED lights making your kitchen appear luxurious and fashionable.
Our designers cleverly use glass to make the room appear spacious. The decorative profile with a length of 300mm blends well with contemporary interior styles. The Spice decorative profile illustrates a design style that balances function and aesthetics.


The Elektra luxury walk in wardrobe design is a perfect match for any interior style. It has a modest and elegant aluminum glass shelf with 5mm glass and LED lights. The LED strip lights installed on the glass shelves give your wardrobe an elegant look making you feel good while dressing up.
Moreover, this luxury walk in wardrobe design has easy-to-install details that provide different storage functions. The wardrobe profile length is 3000mm and the back panels can be made in wood or glass as per your requirements to bring layering visuals and also add a calming and elegant atmosphere to the space with 3000k LED lights.


The ERA walk in wardrobe in India features glass shelves and LED lights that are both elegant and functional. The Italian minimalist wall-mounted shelves with LED lights are available in 600/900 and 1200mm sizes allowing you to create a dreamy walk in wardrobe. These LED shelves contribute to the creation of an elegant, warm, minimalist, and luxurious wardrobe design.


NOX has a charming and minimalist walk in wardrobe design. This modish and opulent walk in wardrobe features open glass shelves with LED lighting. The accessories featured in this wardrobe are one-of-a-kind and perfectly suited to meet lifestyle requirements of modern homeowners. The inbuilt LED lights on the glass shelves are the highlight of this wardrobe. These open shelves result in creating an ideal storage solution as well as plenty of space within the walk in wardrobe. The structure is very unique, but it is also very functional. This walk in closet will give your home a modern, high-end look.

A walk in wardrobe can elevate the practicality and design of your home. It can also make a small room appear larger. At Veneto we offer several Walk wardrobe designs to chase that satisfy your aesthetic and utilitarian needs. You have the option of going with a timeless style or a more modern look. Veneto helps you select and build the perfect modular wardrobe in Mumbai that meets your requirements. Whichever design you choose, you will have a beautiful, well-organized, and trouble-free wardrobe.

Veneto creates exceptional walk in wardrobes that are the result of great craftsmanship combined with extra details to create a modern walk in wardrobes. Each of our custom-designed walk in wardrobe designs will include a variety of useful internal accessories, such as functional drawers, movable shelves, and multiple cloth hanging areas. All these are required to transform your wardrobe into a perfect and classy space for your belongings.

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