Why Installing Lights Is The Perfect Addition To Your Custom Wardrobe?

The ‘wardrobe’ is an indispensable piece of furniture in everybody’s life. A wardrobe not only is a place to store your clothes but also becomes one with your room’s decor over time. A wardrobe that is in order and organized is known to ease life and reduce the stress of finding your clothes and accessories all the time. The best part about having a custom wardrobe is that you add a number of unique additions to it like door handles, mirrors, hangers, etc. However, according to design experts, the right lighting can have a significant impact on a wardrobe’s overall functionality. A well-designed and well-lit wardrobe provide a glamorous clothing store effect that brings attention to your favorite coats, shoes, or precious jewelry collection.

When Lights are strategically placed at the top of shelves, along with the shutter frames, or at the base of a shelf, they create a pleasant atmosphere while keeping your belongings organized. Whether your walk in wardrobe is large enough to walk through or just big enough to store your belongings, lights can completely change the look and feel of the space.

Why is it important to install lights in your wardrobe?

Wardrobe lighting is a true gem that can completely change your day. People frequently find it difficult to search for their belongings never realizing how quickly a simple lighting arrangement could improve the situation. Veneto has every solution you could possibly require to ensure that you will never waste any time or energy while brightening up every inch of your wardrobe. 

Here are some benefits of installing lights in your wardrobe

1. When a closet, whether reach-in or walk-in, has adequate lighting, it is simple to navigate. A well-lit wardrobe makes it easier to see through every nook and corner, whether you’re picking out an outfit for work the next day, organizing your closet, or just remembering about your old pair of jeans (which has been missing for 2 weeks :p). 

2. You can make a display section for your special & loved clothing or accessories. You may want to display designer bags, footwear, jewelry, or even valuable accessories. A well-lit wardrobe is an investment that is frequently chosen by many people. It gives you the vibe of having your own boutique or gallery where you sell designer bags and shoes!

3. Lighting can improve the efficiency of your wardrobe management and influence how you plan your outfit for the day.  If you have a custom-made vanity or sitting room attached to your luxurious wardrobe the lighting you choose can have an impact on how your final look is. 

What Lighting Is Appropriate for a Custom Wardrobes?

The matter of lighting is largely subjective. It’s an art form to use lighting to enhance your wardrobe functionality and everyone likes to do it their way. When using lights, it’s suggested to point the upper lights toward the ceiling and the lower lights toward the floor to brighten dark corners. You can use strip lights on the shelves to give the appearance of space by making them well-lit. You can also install lights in your closet drawers so that they are illuminated when you open them (giving a magical vibe!). You can also add lights beaming down on each of your shelves, as well as properly lit display cases that showcase your valuable collection.

What Kinds of Lights do You Need?

You may believe that lighting is expensive in terms of energy consumption and maintenance. There’s no reason not to use lighting, especially now that energy-efficient, cool LED lights are available. With proper lighting arrangements, you can achieve an amazing look that is stylish, practical, and affordable. You can install lights of your choice depending upon your preferences and lifestyle. 

Installing lights in your wardrobe is a key factor for efficiency and functionality & not just aesthetics. Lighting can help you find clothes faster, see colors more accurately, and even be more environmentally conscious. Lights are a simple installation in your wardrobe that will brighten up your mood every single day since you would not have to fuss about your closets and accessories in the morning. That’s why we at Veneto build custom modular wardrobes in Mumbai to help you add lighting to your wardrobe in the most creative & effective manner.

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