10 Open Kitchen Shelves Ideas You Can Implement for a Customized Space

Open Kitchen Shelves Ideas You Can Implement

Open shelving is a critical component that the designers at Veneto consider when designing a kitchen. A practical arrangement will make your kitchen stand out and significantly influence how you use the area. One approach to make your kitchen’s wooden shelves both aesthetically pleasing and effectively match your lifestyle is to personalize your design with open shelving. The following 10 open-shelving insider tips are worth considering for your kitchen:

Wooden Shelves


Any kitchen can benefit greatly from the addition of wooden kitchen shelves. These shelves can transform the organization into fashionable design elements and provide interest. Shelving made of open wood is stylish and attractive. Interior designers also like these shelves a lot. During mealtimes, wooden kitchen racks for jars, oils, and spices above the worktop simplify things. These are ideal for the kitchens of our contemporary farmhouses. Floating shelves give off a futuristic vibe with their simple lines.

Open Shelving


By using open shelves, you can make the most of the storage space in your kitchens. These are simple to construct and provide a kitchen with great beauty and personality. Opening doors takes time off work and simplifies things with open shelves. Everything is readily available and visible. You can showcase your most prized kitchen décor collections. To make kitchens look gorgeous, implement eye-catching open kitchen shelving solutions.

Corner Shelving


Corner shelving is another strategy for optimizing storage. Rather than having a single straight ledge, make a right angle between two walls and make use of the corner area. Place corner shelves next to base cabinets to maintain design coherence. It increases the storage and gives previously unutilized space a practical use. Open corner shelves offer a simple solution for optimizing space.

Wall Shelves

Wall Shelves

In addition to keeping things organized, kitchen wall shelving enhances the appearance of our kitchens. You can add wall storage to save tools close to reach. It also improves the effectiveness of the kitchen’s other storage solutions. Wall shelves can also be emphasized with lighting choices. It works best to draw attention to the objects that are placed on them.

Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves in kitchens are becoming a common substitute for closed cabinets. Often, these shelves are constructed from painted, rustic, or metal. Floating shelves are less expensive than cabinets and break up the monotony of matching cabinets. Combining floating shelves and top cabinets can make a kitchen more valuable.

Metal Shelves

metal shelves

Shelves made of metal are sturdy, reasonably priced, and ideal for adding extra storage to kitchens. Although these shelves have a more industrial style, it’s challenging to find shelves that are more useful for the money. Metal shelves are simple to construct and can support large weights. These are ideal for displaying exquisite food and unique objects.

Sleek Glass Shelves

Glass Shelves

This elegant kitchen has a chic touch in the form of glass shelves with bronze brackets. The translucent glass makes a wall of glossy black subway tile more cheerful, and the polished brass accents contrast sharply with the dark background, giving the impression of statement jewelry. Cabinet pulls the faucet, and other kitchen hardware and fixtures, are coordinated with the warm metal finish. 

Install Block Shelves

. Install Block Shelves

Block shelves look fantastic even in contemporary kitchens and exude a classic wine cellar vibe. You can select the block shelves’ color, size, and pattern based on the interior motif. Block shelves are the most excellent option for those who prefer a perfectly organized kitchen.

Open Pantry Shelves 

Open Pantry Shelves

Some people might need help finding the open pantry appealing. It might work for people who prefer to have all ingredients and appliances at their fingertips. Some people adore how a gorgeous set of dishes, glass jars, and ceramics are displayed in an open pantry.

Classic Kitchen Shelves 

Classic Kitchen Shelves

A timeless favorite of both homeowners and designers is the all-white kitchen. A kitchen with a lot of white shelves feels light and airy. The all-white kitchen has a clean, modern appearance that no other hue can equal. In addition to its timeless appeal, an all-white kitchen offers flexibility in terms of design. Finishing the kitchen with accent pieces of furniture can help you achieve a well-balanced aesthetic.

Beyond Beauty: Storage Solutions for Every Chef

Veneto’s commitment to design continues beyond aesthetics. They offer a range of shelf designs to cater to every culinary need:

Spice Racks:

Keep your favorite herbs and spices within easy reach with dedicated spice racks. Wall-mounted options or integrated shelves keep your flavors organized and readily available.

Plate and Dish Displays:

Transform your everyday tableware into decorative elements. Use open shelves to showcase your favorite plates, bowls, and mugs, creating a visually appealing centerpiece.

Cooking Essentials at Hand:

Keep your oils, vinegar, and frequently used ingredients close at hand with conveniently located shelves. Choose open designs for easy access or cabinets with glass doors to maintain a clean aesthetic.

Greenery and Ambiance:

Breathe life into your kitchen with potted herbs or charming succulents. Open shelves offer the perfect platform to display greenery, adding a touch of freshness and natural beauty to your space.


Since every kitchen is different, Veneto offers size and dimension customization choices. This maximizes both practicality and beauty by enabling clients to customize the kitchen shelves to meet their kitchen layout exactly. With so many alternatives at your disposal, such as bathroom and kitchen shelves, you can design a visually pleasing and well-organized kitchen. Visit our website right now to learn more about additional storage options, such as modular wardrobes in Mumbai or wooden wall shelves for bathroom shelves. Allow Veneto to assist you in designing a stunning and well-organized kitchen you will enjoy using.

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