How To Build The Perfect Custom Wardrobe

Installing a new wardrobe is often a thrilling experience. Most modern wardrobes offer a wide variety of features to suit different needs. However, with so many storage options available, it can be difficult to decide what to fill your wardrobe with. Building a custom wardrobe requires a big commitment and that’s why it’s necessary to get it right.  

We at Veneto believe that you can be smart with storage by asking yourself, “What do I want?” What do I require in the future? Finding a happy medium between what looks good and what is practical is essential in designing the ideal wardrobe solution. That’s why we have highlighted a selection of our wardrobe accessories to help you maximize the storage capacity for your product.

In this blog, we’ll help you find all the available options for your wardrobe and incorporate them to build the perfect custom wardrobe.

Hanging rods

Hanging rods are the crowning glory of any wardrobe. Knowing the length of your different garments allows you to determine how much long hanging and singular hanging you require. Because single hanging is used for items such as T-shirts, shirts, and tops, you can usually use two single hanging spaces in one module, effectively doubling your hanging space.


Shelves are an essential wardrobe accessory. They are not only useful for attaching hangers, but also for folding. These are ideal for storing sweaters, and cardigans, or being more decorative by storing hats, bags, and bedroom accessories. Moreover, shelves can also withstand significant weight making them suitable for storing other accessories as well.


Glass shelves

Glass shelves, in addition to our wooden shelves, add a truly luxurious aesthetic to the inside of any wardrobe. These shelves can be a great place to store your special purchases. Because glass shelves are thinner than wooden shelves, you can include more of them inside your wardrobe.


Drawers are a convenient way to store clothes that you don’t need or want on display. They’re perfect for loungewear, sportswear, or any other piece of clothing that you like to fold and put away. If you need more space for them, consider using floor-sitting drawers. Suspended drawers provide space underneath, which is ideal for storing shoes or boxes at the base of a wardrobe.

Glass drawers

Glass drawers provide a more elegant aesthetic inside the wardrobe by allowing you to see your items while keeping them neatly stored. If you don’t want to see what’s inside but still want to improve the look of your wardrobe, choose matt or glossy glass fronts that are completely opaque with an elegant look.


Cubbies are a great way to organize your belongings. It’s ideal for storing scarves, hats, or individual folded garments. If you require as much space as possible, a standard shelf may be preferable to maximize stacking capacity.


Trouser rack

Trouser racks are an excellent pull-out accessory for providing a convenient and tidy way to hang your trousers. Because trouser racks have a fixed number of rods, they’re useful for larger wardrobes, but if you have a lot of trousers, a regular hanger may be more efficient.

Shirt racks

Shirt racks, like their trouser counterparts, provide a simple yet decorative way to hang your shirts. The clips make it simple to remove and replace your shirts from the rail. 


You can use a pull-out hamper to store tangled socks, scarves, or even dirty clothing. Hampers are useful for items that don’t need to be neatly stored away but still require their own space in the wardrobe.


Trays are ideal for storing all of your jewelry, whether in a drawer or on a pull-out tray. Watches, necklaces, rings and earrings, and other items will be able to be stored in dedicated trays. You can also use divided trays or boxes to keep your belts and ties in place.


Based on the style of your doors, including a mirror in your wardrobe adds a useful feature. A mirror can be inserted inside one of the doors of wardrobes with openable doors. We can use a pull-out swivel mirror that is conveniently pulled out from one of the sides or partitions for sliding door wardrobes or open wardrobes.

Glass lit shelves

These shelves are incredibly lavish and elegant. With one of these glass shelves, you can elegantly store your most priceless possessions while also illuminating the area around you.



Your wardrobe comes to life when you use interior lighting. You can learn more about them in detail from our blog in interior lighting. While shelf lighting can be used to illuminate a specific area, such as hanging spaces, vertical lights can be used to illuminate an entire section. Either option will make your wardrobe look professional and add a useful feature.

With all these amazing add-ons available, you can select the ones that perfectly suit your individual needs. Our team of designers and craftsmen build functional and stylish modular wardrobes in Mumbai.  We comprehend your preferences and create custom designs that fit well and add a luxurious feel to your room. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and connect with our team to learn more about our wardrobe styles. 

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